CLEVELAND (WJW)– The Cleveland Cavaliers unveiled updated logos, which bring back a more classic gold and eliminate navy.

The brand refresh will be complete to start the 2022-2023 season. That means new Cavaliers Statement, Icon and Association Edition uniforms will be unveiled this summer.

(Photo courtesy: Cleveland Cavaliers)

The design project was led by Cavs creative director Daniel Arsham.

“For the generations of Cavs fans who have been on this journey, I understand the nostalgia certain team insignia’s have for them, so it was important to be respectful to where we have been as we look to the future. I believe we accomplished that,” Arsham said, in a news release on Thursday. “The future is exciting and our city and fan base have embraced this new generation of incredible young players.  As we enter a new era of Cavs basketball it is time to give them a mark of their own.”