In the above video Former Browns Running Back Greg Pruitt talks about improvements that need to be made by the Browns.

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – It’s something we haven’t been able to say in nearly 20 years –
the Cleveland Browns won their season opener! It’s the first time since 2004.

Former Browns Running Back Greg Pruitt joined FOX 8 in the Morning with his re-cap of the Browns vs. Panthers and said, “(Cade York) took us from the jaws of defeat.”

York is Brown’s rookie kicker and is now being hailed as a hero for the team’s first game of the season.

The Big Play

Pruitt commended York’s 50+ yard field goal that won the game with just 8 seconds left in the game.

“Confidence is believing in yourself, and I would admit that with a minute left and a 58-yard field goal to win the game that we pretty much had blown that game,” said Pruitt.

Pruitt notes that for those impressed with the long-distance field goal, the distance score isn’t unusual for York.

“If you go to some of the games, in some of the pre-games, he’s kicking the ball much further than that,” said Pruitt. “That kick was 58 yards and if it would have been 68 yards, he would have made it.”

But, the game was far from perfect for the Browns.

Defensive Backfield

Pruitt commented on the work of the defensive backfield.

“It’s a young team, it’s the first game and before we panic, it’s not something we can’t fix,” said Pruitt, who said the team now has the opportunity after the first game to review tapes and see for themselves what needs to be corrected.

“I learn that if you show me – much faster than if you tell me,” said Pruitt. “You can now see game speed situation on what you should do.”

Other player’s highlights:

Pruitt also analyzed the work of other Browns players.

  • Running Back Nick Chubb: “He’s got a long way to go,” said Pruitt. “I enjoy watching Chubb play. I say you get four different styles on one player. He can be physical, he can be smooth, he can be patient and he can be fast.”
  • Running Back Kareem Hunt: “Hunt is just kind of very physical, to me, once he gets to a certain place, he is kind of out of control,” described Pruitt. “A lot of times he could get more yards if he could be more under control.”
  • Quarterback Jacoby Brissett: “He got a ways to go I think, you know we brought him in to manage the game, to me, I take my hat off to Donovan Peoples-Jones, he made some great catches with passes that were not in the ideal spot,” said Pruitt.

The Browns’ first home game is September 18. The Jets are coming to town. Kickoff is at 1 p.m.