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CLEVELAND — The Indians may be out West on a road trip, but there was plenty of baseball action at Progressive Field Wednesday morning. 

Twenty-two Indians fans got the opportunity they won’t soon forget.

It’s baseball camp at Progressive Field, better known as Dream Day.

“To teach them to enjoy the game we have, that’s the ultimate prize for us,” said Jonathan Schulz, the camp director.

The fans put on their gloves and got a lesson on the fundamentals of baseball from the Strike Force Baseball Academy and the Diamond Boys Organization.

“I learned how to hold a baseball properly, like I learned how to hold it across the ‘U’ and not just hold it any sort of way,” said Fabian Washington.

“I’ve learned how to pitch, I’ve learned how to loosen up so far,” said Scott Pennington.

“How to catch the ball and hit the ball,” added Paul Fallon.

The campers are children and adults with developmental disabilities who have never had the chance to play sports or experience the joys of being on a baseball field.

“It’s really a beautiful thing to see, no matter what age, what baseball can do for people,” Schulz said.

For one day, ‘Dream Day’ lived up to its name and gave the campers who were big time Indians fans more than just memories, they left the ballpark with plenty of smiles.

“I’m having lots of fun just playing around on the field and I love the fresh grass,” Washington said.

“It’s kind of fun being out here at the stadium,” added Fallon.

“It’s great, I love the Indians, I love this facility, too,” said Pennington.

‘Dream Day’ taught each camper all the aspects of the game of baseball.

“It’s already obvious, we’re already accomplishing what we set out to do which is bring joy to this group of people,” said Schulz.