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CLEVELAND (WJW) — It’s no secret that Browns QB Baker Mayfield has had a rocky end to the season. Sacks, interceptions, shoulder surgery plans and rifts with the media, to name a few.

And when fan Brooklyn Schue got wind that people were “being mean” to him about it, she stepped up in opposition to his bullies and offered some encouragement and advice.

In a letter posted on Facebook by her mom, Brooklyn says, “Me and my family think you are doing a great job and we really like you.”

She empathized with him and said she, too, goes through rough times with her friends when they are mean to her.

“Something I do to help me feel better is watch funny videos and play with my dog,” she said.

Of course if he doesn’t have a dog, she added, “a cat is fine too.”

In some advice that we all could use from time to time, she ends by saying, ” Don’t listen to those mean people, maybe they’re just hungry. My mom says I can get mean if I am hungry.”

There is no word yet on Mayfield’s response to the heartfelt letter.