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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The Cleveland Browns announced who is starting in the quarterback position during the team’s first preseason game Friday.

It’s none other than Deshaun Watson. However, with the NFL appealing the six-game suspension of the 26-year-old player, the plan isn’t 100% certain.

If the NFL’s appeal decision comes down before the game takes place, and if that decision is for Watson to be suspended for more than a year, he will not eligible to play and presumably backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett will take over.

Most of the team’s players are starting when they take on the Jacksonville Jaguars at TIAA Bank Stadium at 7 p.m., the Browns announced Wednesday.

If Watson ends up playing, it’s going to be the athlete’s first preseason appearance with the Browns.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to reporters Tuesday saying the league is pushing for a full-year penalty for Watson based on the “evidence.”

“We’ve seen the evidence, [Judge Sue Robinson] was very clear about the evidence, she reinforced the evidence,” Goodell said Tuesday. “There were multiple violations that were egregious and it was predatory behavior. Those were always things we felt was really important for us to address and in a way that’s responsible.”

Deshaun Watson was sued by 24 women who claimed that he sexually assaulted them during massages. Watson settled with 23 of those women.