CLEVELAND (WJW) — On the eve of Cleveland’s unofficial holiday that is the Browns home opener, the community came together to rally behind one of their own. 

Star cornerback, Denzel Ward, hosted a Pop Up in the Park to celebrate the return of Browns’ football.  

For Denzel’s mom, Nicole Ward, being able to give back to the community means everything.  

“Just knowing that this is his hometown, and he is making an impact in his community. As a mom, I couldn’t be prouder. I don’t even have words to express how I feel,” shared Ward. 

The festival featured local live music, plenty of good food and fireworks show to finish the night.

For those who were in attendance, it was a great way to have some fun and bring the community closer together.

“For me, way back in the day we used to have parties in the park. I’m like, this is our city,” said Vicki Carrol. 

Best of all, money raised from the event supported heart health awareness charities, among other causes. 

“However, much people’s hearts are willing to give, we are looking to raise. We are just here to promote heart health and Denzel just wants to give back to his community,” explained Ward.