CLEVELAND (WJW) — The Cleveland Rams started their first game of the season with a round of applause, honoring the semi-pro football team for their heroics.

“It’s amazing for us to have a purpose to really take it home and get the championship,” said team owner Randy Knight.

Two weeks ago the Rams were practicing at Roye Kidd Field when a house across the street suddenly went up in flames.

Henry Clay, 59, collapsed in his doorway and several of the Rams team members didn’t hesitate to scale the fence and race over to pull him away from the fire. 

“God works in mysterious ways, now we have a guy that we can Uncle Clay,” said Knight.

“Uncle Clay” became “Honorary Captain Clay” for the Rams’ first home opener Saturday against the Ohio Guardians. 

“I don’t plan to miss one,” Clay said of coming to the games.

But the first game almost didn’t happen. Just a few days after saving Clay, the Rams were guests on FOX 8 News in the Morning where they shared the disappointing news that they had lost their home field due to scheduling issues.

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After playing at Roye Kidd Field for six years, Cleveland Central Catholic High School’s athletic director reached out wanting to help.

Cleveland Browns legend Bernie Kosar and 428 Athletics also stepped in to help pay for the use of Central Catholic’s field for the rams to practice and play games this year.

“It was just something that personally, I wanted to make sure I was a part of and made sure I was able in a small way to come out here and made sure this season does happen,” said Kosar.

Also joining on the sidelines to support was incoming Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. 

“This is a developmental league here, we’re trying to get those guys to that level or to a pro-level so it means a lot for them to shine their light down on us,” said Knight.

“For the players, it’s time for them to show what they can do, it’s also time for them to show it in front of the guys that they look up to,” said Howard Little, aka Coach Juice.

The Rams’ hard-hitting defense helped them to victory 27 to 6. 

“I want to encourage them to keep doing what they’re doing. Not just what they did for me but what their intention is to do for the community,” said Clay.

“Keep representing us. God Bless You. Not only just this season, keep representing. You matter, we love ya. Go Cleveland Rams!” said Kosar.

The Rams will be playing at Central Catholic for the rest of their season and have six more home games. 

Find a full schedule right here.