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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cleveland Browns Stadium will receive much-needed repairs.

Wednesday, an agreement was reached between the city of Cleveland and the two contractors who were at odds over who is going to do the work.

“We submitted a revised contracting plan to the city, and they passed the resolution. In essence, allowing us to use Suburban as a contractor,” said Jason Klar, President of Platform Cement & Contracting.

Platform Cement was initially awarded the project, even though they were the second lowest-bidder after Suburban Maintenance and Construction.

Suburban filed suit last month and a judge delayed the repairs.

“That means the system worked. There’s checks and balances. And because the system worked, Platform and Suburban can do this job together,” said Brian Stucky, President of Suburban Matenance and Construction.

Instead of heading to court, the companies will split the brunt of the work.

Platform will fix the stadium’s seating.

Suburban will now take care of the walkways and cement.

“The Browns were going to lose. The city was going to lose.  And Suburban and Platform were going to lose.  At which point, we said, ‘You know what? I think it’s time to work out a deal that makes it right for the Browns, makes it right for the city,’ ” added Stucky.

The contractors have no time to celebrate the agreement.

They will get to work Monday.

The Browns want the work completed in time for the Kenny Chesney concert in July.

“Compared to re-bidding it next year, which was our other option, I think paying a little overtime and getting it done in a timely fashion is a wise way to do it,” said Stucky.

And by combining forces,  Platform says they now exceeds the city’s subcontracting goals for local businesses, female and minority companies.

“I think it sends a message that the city of Cleveland is committed to the Cleveland Browns. Committed to getting the work done. Committed to their subcontracting goals of including local businesses and female and minority businesses. So it’s a positive message.  And we look forward to moving forward from here,” added Klar.