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A recent “Dear Abby” column featured a “Good Dad in Cleveland” seeking advice regarding a sports-related problem with his son.

The man explained that his “son loves sports, but he has trouble accepting a loss.” He went on to say that his son, fueled by the disappointment of losing, would beat the family’s dog as a result.

Ultimately, the man asked columnist Abigail Van Buren what he can do to control his child’s temper. She told him that he needed to get his kid immediate counseling.

If sincere, the nature of the note is extremely serious. However, Barry Petchesky at Deadspin, must have sensed something other than complete sincerity, humorously suggesting that Cleveland sports had created an 8-year-old psychopath.

Petchesky went on to say that the “silver lining” of the story is that the youngster, like all other Cleveland sports fans, would eventually learn to accept losing teams.