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BEREA, Ohio — Act like you belong and sometimes that’s all you need. Nobody knows that better than Cleveland Browns wide receiver Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi who two weeks ago was sleeping outside on a patch of grass in Miami, Florida.

He’s number 15 in the program but he’s hoping to be a household name in northeast Ohio. Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi is in the NFL after selling himself to the Browns and particularly Vice President of Player Personnel Alonzo Highsmith at a tryout in Miami, Florida.

“I just said my name is Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi and I’m just here for the workout, I got your information through a contact from California and I’m just here to give it a try,” Guiseppi said.

The problem is, Guiseppi wasn’t supposed to be at the tryout.  He convinced the man in charge of admissions that he was familiar with Highsmith and he was supposed to be there.

“I just introduced myself right away,” Guiseppi said “Just to make it look like I knew him from before.”

Guiseppi knows a thing or two about selling. While he was in college he went door-to-door selling ADT Security Systems to pay for college.

“Sometimes I could sell three in a day so I was really happy about that, that was a good day,” he said.

During the tryout, Guiseppi ran a 4.38, 40-yard dash. That was enough to catch Highsmith’s eye.

“There are a lot of kids that train very hard and just want an opportunity like I had and so I wasn’t nervous,” said Guiseppi. “ I was just blessed to be able to get into that light and be seen.”

A week later, Guiseppi received an invite to Berea for a workout.

Now, he has a contract and he’s running with the second team during the Browns organized team activities.

“I just want to be as great as I can be,” the wide receiver said.

Guiseppi was a basketball player in high school and didn’t start playing football until Junior College where he was an All-American returner.

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