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CLEVELAND– Anyone who plans to attend Thursday night’s final Browns preseason game, might find that their beer or nachos could be more expensive than the ticket to get inside.

Browns tickets are selling at rock bottom prices with some seats costing less than 10 bucks.

Mark Klang of Amazing Tickets said ticket sales for the last Browns preseason game for Thursday night have been slow.

“The fact that it’s a school night, Thursday night, interfering with fall high school sports, definitely hurts. And then the last preseason game, historically, most of the elite starters rest,” Klang said.

Klang said although the team has had a poor preseason performance, the low demand for tickets is not surprising.  He said it’s been that way since the Browns returned in 1999.  But low demand also means fans can buy a ticket dirt cheap.

“Hundred-dollar seats sell for about anywhere from $25 to $30 a ticket… A hundred dollars being the face value season ticket price, $19-tickets sell for about $6 or $7.”

In some cases, Browns tickets are selling for less than that. We compared that to the admission price for several high school match ups.

Saint Ignatius vs. Mentor: $9.

Stow vs. Kent Roosevelt: $6.

Tallmadge vs. Akron Ellet: $9

“Although high school prices may be higher for tomorrow, Friday and Saturday’s games, the quality of football can’t be matched. It’s still professional football,” Klang said.

He said because there will likely be many empty seats Thursday night, it gives people who can’t afford a regular season ticket a chance to root on the team in person.

“For some folks, regular season games take a lot more out of your pocketbook than this would for people who ordinarily can’t get into the stadium. This gives them a terrific opportunity to get into it at a great price,” Klang said.

He also said some of the more expensive tickets, like club seats, would usually sell for about $175 each.  They are selling for about $65 Thursday night.

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