CLEVELAND (WJW/AP) — The Cincinnati Bengals earned their first AFC North title and postseason appearance in six years with a wild 34-31 win over the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday. This paired with the Los Angeles Chargers’ win over the Denver Broncos means the Cleveland Browns‘ hopes of making the playoffs this season are officially dashed.

Following last year’s playoff berth, the currently 7-8 Browns came into the season with extremely high expectations, with many fans looking forward to a Super Bowl run (as seen in the video below).

However, injuries, mental blocks, COVID-19 and behind-the-scenes drama all compounded to keep the team from living up to the hype in a super competitive division.

The Browns finish their season out with a game in Pittsburgh Monday and a final game at home against the Bengals Jan. 9.

As fans have been saying for decades now: there’s always next year.