BEREA, Ohio (WJW) – General Manager of the Cleveland Browns, Andrew Berry, spoke to reporters Friday to discuss the team’s upcoming draft and offseason. With most of the players back in the building, Berry is optimistic about laying a strong foundation for the team this spring. 

Berry acknowledged that the team’s offseason and free agency acquisitions had shifted priorities heading into the draft. However, he emphasized the importance of remaining flexible and maximizing talent, particularly given the team’s later pick in the draft.

“I think especially when you’re in the situation that we’re in, where we’re picking later in the draft, it’s not like we can really dictate it. When you’re at the top of the draft, you can dictate it to a degree. I think it’s important for us to remain flexible and make sure our first priority is to maximize the talent we can add to the team.”

The NFL Draft kicks off in Kansas City on Thursday, April 27. However, the Browns’ first pick isn’t until the 3rd round.

Here’s the Browns’ draft order:

  • Round 3 (No. 74 overall)
  • Round 3 (No. 98 overall)
  • Round 4 (No. 111 overall)
  • Round 4 (No. 126 overall from Vikings)
  • Round 5 (No. 140 overall from Rams)
  • Round 5 (No. 142)
  • Round 6 (No. 190)
  • Round 7 (No. 229)