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CLEVELAND ( WJW) The Cleveland Indians will soon be changing their team name, but they have no plans to stop selling merchandise with the Chief Wahoo logo.

On Monday, the team confirmed in the following statement that, “Since July, we have conducted an extensive process to learn how our team name affected different constituencies and whether it aligned with our organizational values. As a result of that process, we have decided to move forward with changing the current team name and determining a new, non-Native American based name for the franchise.”

In a news release, the Indians said they will continue to sell selected merchandise featuring their historic names and logos, including Chief Wahoo as a way to acknowledge our history. “As part of our ongoing commitment to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, it is our intention to donate profits from the sale of Chief Wahoo merchandise to Native American-focused organizations and causes.”

The decision to change the team’s current name is phase one of the process. Cleveland Indians’ team owner and chairman Paul Dolan said the team will not adopt an interim name until choosing its new one.

The Cleveland Indians won’t be the first professional sports team to change their name. Back in July, Washington dropped the name Redskins after bowing to pressure from corporate sponsors.

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