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CLEVELAND– Whether they’re celebrating a win or showing off their squad, the Cleveland Cavaliers do it all in style.

Players have been posting pictures of their pre and post-game outfits on Instagram for weeks.

The latest photo went up Monday night after the Cavs win in Indianapolis. It features LeBron James in a suit, while J.R. Smith, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Jared Cunningham and Iman Shumpert keep it casual.

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Designer suits, custom watches, costly trench coats and high-priced hats. The team’s wardrobe even has its own hashtag. Just call it #cavshion.

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One particular #cavshion pic had Love feeling a little left out. So he made his own edits.

[protected-iframe id=”16e6866634ad5b11bafb8d6d25744b11-28572381-75933194″ info=”//” class=”instagram-media”]

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But K-Love has popped up on LeBron’s Instagram before. Now when will Timofey Mozgov, Anderson Varejao and Matthew Dellavadova make the group picture?

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