CLEVELAND (WJW)- Coming off a bye-week, and with two weeks to prepare, the Cleveland Browns still could not pull off a win.

On Sunday, the Browns fell to the Miami Dolphins with a final score of 39-17. The Browns are now 3-6 for the season.

Former Browns running back Greg Pruitt points out that during the game the Dolphins didn’t punt the ball – not even once.

“That very seldom happens on a professional level that a team can play four quarters and not punt the ball,” said Pruitt.

The question remains: What can the Browns do to salvage their season?

“There is a communication disconnect in terms of motivating guys, when your best player on defense – and we will agree that he is one, if not the best, Myles Garrett, only has two tackles in the whole game then the defense didn’t do well,” said Pruitt.

The team will soon see a major change up when quarterback Deshaun Watson returns to the field. Watson can begin practicing with the team on Monday, he will then start on Dec. 4 in Houston — against his former team. This comes as part of his settlement with the NFL after he was accused of sexual misconduct by two dozen women.

“I’m hoping when Watson comes back that the difference in this team’s performance is the performer at the quarterback position. Not that Brissett has not done a good job,” said Pruitt. “From a mental state, I hope that the Browns’ motivation is going to be in practice – actually see two quarterbacks run the same plays, and actually be able to see the difference from that position.”

The Browns still have a chance to make the playoffs. For details on how they can pull off those odds watch the video above.