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CLEVELAND – Clevelanders know “that quarterback jersey.”

It’s the one with the names of all of the Browns’ 24 starting quarterbacks since 1999 trailing down its back. Way down its back.

(Photo credit: Mark McKenzie, Brokaw)
(Photo credit: Mark McKenzie, Brokaw)

Tim Brokaw, of the ad agency Brokaw, Inc. created the jersey and has had it on display in the window of the agency on West 6th Street. It’s been a testament to Cleveland fans’ long suffering over the lack of a major league sports championship since 1964.

But that all changed Sunday, June 19th when the Cleveland Cavaliers became the 2016 NBA Champions.

And that’s when Brokaw decided that all the “bad juju” should be banished from Cleveland. He posted on social media that the jersey would now go into retirement. He also posted a picture of the jersey – but now all those names are blacked out!


Bye-bye bad juju! CLE is not sorry to see you go!