CLEVELAND (WJW) — It’s not the ending Cleveland Browns fans were expecting for the home opener against the Jets, as many were going into it optimistically with the Browns at 1-0 to start the season.

Former Browns running back Greg Pruitt stopped by the FOX 8 studios on Monday to discuss his thoughts about those final two minutes of Sunday’s game when the team gave up a 13-point lead to lose the 30-31.

“They’re going to have to put cameras in those meetings because obviously somebody is falling asleep,” Pruitt said candidly on FOX 8 News in the Morning. “A week ago they gave up a play in the secondary like that and I said it then, ‘I’d hate to be in the meeting on Monday because I knew they were going to go over this and chew some people out.'”

Miscommunication seems to be the theme and Pruitt agrees, simply saying that “someone thought somebody was covering them and they didn’t.”

“It was a breakdown communication-wise in the secondary,” he said. “Our special teams and our secondary did not play well. The mistakes they made they allowed the Jets to capitalize big time and come back and beat us.”

He said the only positive is that every team in the AFC North lost on Sunday.

“You get into the playoff two ways; either by record or winning your division,” he explained. “So in the division race, we’re still in. But we gotta correct other things.”

Pruitt said he’s impressed with what he saw from QB Jacoby Brissett.

“He’s improved,” he said. “We were looking for an improvement. We scored enough points to win the football game yesterday. You brag on how good our defense is, then we should’ve won that game. We had more than enough points to win.”

Looking ahead to Thursday’s game against the Steelers, Pruitt was asked how the team needs to prepare during this short turnaround.

“Watch a lot of film,” he said. “They need to review the part where they broke down, why they broke down, what they did and what they should’ve done. Because from here on, every team that comes in is going to test to see, ‘Did you learn anything?’, ‘Did you get any better?’

The Browns have just days to fine-tune their communication strategy ahead of Thursday’s game against the Steelers at FirstEnergy Stadium. Kick-off is at 8:15 p.m.