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BEREA, Ohio (WJW)– Cleveland Browns football fans are so optimistic about this season that you can just smell it in the air.

It’s the scent of optimism along with the corned beef sandwiches they brought in their official team lunch bags.

The year they spent without coming to practice or seeing live games was hard.

Sue Quinn and her friend, Brian, say having live, in-person practices back is the best way to get the season started.

“It feels like football; it feels like our year. I’ve loved the Browns since the 70s; I’m so excited, so excited,” Quinn said.

Training camp is a lot different in these pandemic times.

The number of ticketed fans allowed to come in has been cut by one third — 2,000 people instead of 3,000.

There are no mask requirements but fans are restricted to one area, and there will be no autograph line or meet-and-greet.

The players will be kept away from their fans, but only physically. “I thought last year we had a good chance but we weren’t a Super Bowl team, but this year I’m thinking different,” Deanna Sutoris said.

More information on Browns training camp, here.

“Fourteen and three.” That’s what Browns fan Ed Parker is predicting for this season. “I think they can pull it out. They won 11 last year so what’s three more games?”

Well, three more games is a lot to ask but, hey, it is the beginning of the season.

That smell of optimism in the air is very sweet this year as Cleveland fans continue to believe that after a long, long, long time of being out of contention, we finally have a working car on the road to the Super Bowl.
“I just want to be here. I just want to see the players in person and it’s such a privilege to be able to do that,” Brian Jankowski said.