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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The bigs continue to show up and show off in Cleveland, with two Cavaliers topping the NBA in most dunks so far this season, the team reported.

While we’re still a month away from the start of basketball playoffs, Cavs’ 21-year-old Evan Mobley is leading the league in dunks with a sizeable cushion and teammate Jarrett Allen, 24, is tied for third place.

Here’s the list as it stands Monday across the NBA:

  1. Evan Mobley with 169 dunks
  2. Rudy Gobert with 159 dunks
  3. Jarrett Allen and Giannis Antetokounmpo tied at 158 dunks

Coming off a win Saturday, the team is taking on the Boston Celtics Monday night, hoping to come out victorious over an Eastern Conference foe. Currently, the Cavs sit in fourth place in the conference.