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What is the best Microsoft Surface pen? 

Microsoft’s Surface tablets, computers and detachables are excellent tools for creative workers or someone who prefers a lightweight device for on-the-go productivity. Launched in 2012, the Surface gadgets are Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPad and MacBook, and the plethora of Android tablets.

Naturally, any Surface runs on the Windows operating system, with the latest tablet model, the Surface Pro 8, using Windows 11. It’s classified as a detachable, as you can turn it into a laptop by clipping an additional keyboard onto it.   

Just like the iPad, the Surface is a fantastic medium for creative minds, and there are several apps that let you draw, paint or sketch. But your bulky finger isn’t the right tool for the job. That’s why you need a Surface pen, so you can write in the delicate lines and finer details. It is also a great tool for signing electronic documents or handwritten notes.


The Surface pen is compatible with most Surface devices, but it’s a good idea to check the compatibility and which functions it supports for your device. For example, the Surface Slim Pen 2 is compatible with the Surface Pro 7 and 8, but not with the Surface Laptop SE.

Similarly, the pen has different amounts of pressure points depending on your model. At most, it supports inking up to 4,096 pressure points, but that can drop to as few as 1,024 points on first-generation hardware. Also, the magnet attachment is present for some models, which also charges the pen, but is not supported in others. And the same goes for tactile signals and tilting.

So if those are functions you use daily, you must make sure to get the right Surface pen for you.

Comfort and functions

A crucial element in choosing a Surface pen is how it feels in your fingers. If you are used to drawing with a pencil, the ideal pen for you will mimic that feeling. You must be able to grip it naturally, without having to make small adjustments often.

Secondary are the functions the pen provides. The business end determines the smoothness of movement, and it’s always great when you can replace the tip with a different width. When sketching, you want to hold on to your pen for as long as possible. That’s why most Surface pens have erasers on the tail and a function button on the barrel. 

Best Microsoft Surface pens

Best Microsoft Surface Pen – Ice Blue

Microsoft Surface Pen – Ice Blue

An upgrade over the first generation of the Surface pen, this version is much faster and features a tip that responds to tilting. Just like an old-school pencil, it has a digital eraser on the tail to correct mistakes. It needs a CR2 battery for the Bluetooth connection and comes in three colors.

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Best Microsoft Surface Slim Pen 2

Microsoft Surface Slim Pen 2

Easier to hold than other digital pens, the Slim Pen 2 has a carpenter-style body where the two sides are flat. It has a built-in haptic motor to simulate the friction on paper and the sharper tip allows for ultra-precise tilting.

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Best Microsoft Surface Pen for Surface Pro 6

Microsoft Surface Pen for Surface Pro 6

Specifically built for accurate and precise movements, this pen has 4,096 pressure points with advanced tilting. It still has the eraser on the tail, a selection button on the barrel and connects to your device through Bluetooth 4.0. It is compatible with Microsoft’s Pen Tip kit.

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Best Uogic Pen for Microsoft Surface

Uogic Pen for Microsoft Surface

Compatible with all Surface devices except the Surface Pro 8, this pen works on a changeable battery that lasts up to 1,500 hours. It comes pre-installed with an HB tip, the hardness found in most pencils, but you can swap it out to your liking. The pen is sensitive to pressure and has a pocket clip on the tail.

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Best Renaisser Raphael 530 Stylus Pen for Surface

Renaisser Raphael 530 Stylus Pen for Surface

This pen is perfect if you need an instrument that mimics paintbrush strokes. It has an eraser on the tail and an eraser button on the barrel. The pen has a built-in battery that charges through a USB-C cable, and only 15 minutes of charging gets you 70 hours of operation. It also has a magnetic attachment.

Sold by Amazon

Best SkyMirror Stylus Pen for Microsoft Surface

SkyMirror Stylus Pen for Microsoft Surface

This pen doesn’t require a complex Bluetooth pairing process — it’s ready to work from the second you install the battery. The barrel button supports erasing and right-clicking functions, and the pen rejects any palm presses on the Surface. It is compatible with all Surface gadgets except the Surface Pro 7-plus and 8.

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