The best wedding guest book


Some guest books will come with encouraging prompts to help guests recall fun memories, tell a favorite story, write fun facts or participate in some other specific writing exercise.

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The best guest books for your wedding

Your wedding guest book acts as a heartfelt keepsake to record memories with style. There are wedding guest books of all shapes and styles and alternative options like toy blocks, 3D sculptures, photo books and wall art.

Choosing a guest book that speaks to your tastes as a couple creates a more personal experience for your guests. A classic wedding guest book lets you flip through the pages of everyone’s favorite moments for years to come.

What to know before you buy a wedding guest book

No matter what type of guest book you choose, there are a few things to consider. You’ll want to make sure there is room for every guest to sign the guest book, so it’s helpful to finalize your guest list first. Look for a guest book that complements your wedding decor so it goes along with the big event. Also, remember that you’ll need room to store your guest book, big or small, to preserve those memories after the fact.

Writing space

Consider how many guests are coming to your wedding before deciding on a guest book. You want to make sure each guest has room to add their name, a personal note and other details like a photo or sticker. If you opt for an alternative wedding guest book like toy blocks, puzzles, outdoor gear or other memorabilia, plan out how much writing space there is so nobody gets left out.


Your guest book can be a reflection of the overall decor of your wedding. If you’re a more traditional couple, you might want to choose a more traditional guest book to put near the reception table. If you’re more of a quirky couple, it could be fun to think outside the box and offer an eccentric alternative that speaks to both of your personalities.


Proper storage of your wedding guest book is vital to retaining the book’s integrity. Even if it’s an alternative guest book keepsake, preserving materials like paper, wood or film is essential. Consider the size of your guest book and whether you may need to buy a storage bin or box to keep it free of dust and discoloration. If you want to display your guest book after the big day, make sure to use acid-free glue or double-sided tape to attach any pictures.

What to look for in a quality wedding guest book

Wedding guest books can provide more than just blank pages nowadays, especially if you opt for an alternate version that isn’t a book at all. Inspirational writing prompts can urge guests to leave you specific types of notes. Finding a book with dedicated space for photos encourages guests to memorialize the day with a fun pose. Other details like matching pens can help your guests have a memorable experience.

A guest list

Some more traditional wedding guest books will have space near the front for adding your wedding party or guest list. A written guest list within the guest book can be helpful when looking back on the day, especially if you forgo paper wedding programs.

Writing prompts

While writing a heartfelt note to the happy couple may come naturally to some, writing prompts can be a helpful tool to guide guests through creating a guest book entry. Some guest books will come with encouraging prompts to help guests recall fun memories, tell a favorite story, write fun facts or participate in some other specific writing exercise. Writing prompts offer a fun and accessible way to connect with you for those who aren’t great with the pen.

Picture slots

If you’re hoping for guests to capture lots of photos from the big day, a guest book with space for pictures would be a great option. Some guest books offer specific sleeves to store images like a photo album. Others may have extra-large pages so your guests can tape their photos near their messages. If you want to create a DIY station for your guest book, adding an instant camera and some fun scrapbooking tape invites your guests to create a visual display for you to enjoy later.

Pen or writing utensil

If you’d like to coordinate your guest book experience with the rest of your wedding, a matching pen is a small detail that showcases your style. Some wedding guest books come with a perfectly coordinated pen or marker to make sure your guests have a seamless experience.

How much you can expect to spend on wedding guest books

Generally, you can expect to spend $15-$50 on a wedding guest book, depending on its size, customization and features. More expensive options can range from $75-$100.

Wedding guest book FAQ

What size wedding guest book do I need?

A. Once you know your guest list, you can count how many signature lines you’ll need in your book. If your guest book doesn’t have specific lines for names, you can plan for about 10 to 15 pages per 100 guests. If you’re using an alternative keepsake with individual pieces, make sure there are enough pieces for each guest to sign.

Can I display the guest book after the wedding?

A. Yes. You can display your wedding guest book on a shelf or hang it on a wall if there are wall mounts. Each one is unique, so consider a guest book that fits your home decor if you plan to showcase it at home.

What’s the best wedding guest book to buy?

Best of the best wedding guest book

Lily & Val Wedding Guest Book

Lily & Val Wedding Guest Book

What you need to know: This is an excellent option for a traditional wedding guest book.

What you’ll love: This classic guest book has elegant gold foil design details on the covers, 160 pages for guests to fill out and a velvet ribbon to mark your place. The internal pages have illustrative elements and fun writing prompts for guests to follow.

What you should consider: There is no dedicated section for a guest list at the front.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best polaroid wedding guest book

J&A Homes Polaroid Wedding Guest Book

J&A Homes Polaroid Wedding Guest Book 

What you need to know: This wedding guest book is a unique blend of tradition with a modern rustic flair.

What you’ll love: The vintage design is available in three different combinations to suit your wedding theme. The book has 100 personalized pages for guests’ signatures and pictures. 

What you should consider: The book is a bit smaller than other wedding guest books.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Customer favorite wedding guest book

Y&K Molish Wooden Hearts Guest Book

Y&K Molish Wooden Hearts Guest Book

What you need to know: Instead of a book format, this wooden keepsake lets you showcase all the friends and loved ones who support this new chapter in your relationship.

What you’ll love: Guests write their names and messages on wooden hearts before dropping them into the frame to display. This unique format is an interactive alternative to a guest book and a fun way to show off your guest list with an easy wall mounting hook on the back. The back panel opens for convenient access to the hearts. It comes with a white silk pouch for holding the hearts.

What you should consider: Since the hearts are relatively small, this is not an ideal guest book for long personal messages.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Most fun wedding guest book

Idea Nova Inc Wooden Block Wedding Guest Book

Idea Nova Inc Wooden Block Wedding Guest Book

What you need to know: A building block guest book is a fun and whimsical way to remember your guest list.

What you’ll love: Guests can fill up to 54 wooden blocks to build a Jenga tower commemorating your big day. The blocks are great for short and long personal messages. This guest book is fun on your wedding day and for years to come at backyard gatherings and game nights.

What you should consider: Storage for these memory blocks might require dedicated space.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Most stylish wedding guest book

Nuptio Wood Tree Alternative Guest Book

Nuptio Wood Tree Alternative Guest Book

What you need to know: This tree alternative guest book is a beautiful decor piece to display after your wedding day.

What you’ll love: Each signed heart hangs on a branch of the wooden tree. It’s an excellent option for couples with creative or unique tastes. The tree is easy to assemble and you can secure it with glue afterward. The Nuptio brand focuses on meaningful wedding pieces like this one.

What you should consider: The frame and pieces are delicate and may break easily.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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