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Some people learn calligraphy and artistic lettering to add a creative, personalized touch to greeting cards.

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Which assorted greeting cards are best?

Even though the world shifts toward digital communication more and more each day, many people continue to embrace the sentimentality of greeting cards.

If you’re one of those people, then you’ve probably spent a small fortune on greeting cards. That’s why it’s cost-effective, not to mention convenient, to invest in a greeting card assortment.

Some greeting card assortments include a well-rounded variety of occasion cards covering every special day imaginable. Other sets feature attractive designs and blank interiors to leave room for personalized messages.

If you’re ready to invest in greeting cards, we invite you to take a look at this buying guide. We’re covering all the features essential to compare, and we’re sharing a few of our favorite assortments at the end. Our top choice, the Hallmark Handmade Assorted Greeting Cards, remains a customer favorite for its attractive embellished designs.

Considerations when choosing assorted greeting cards

Popular types of greeting cards

Greeting card assortments include a wide variety of special-occasion cards, ranging from birthdays to sympathy cards. Blank card assortments, on the other hand, feature a variety of designs yet they are blank on the inside to leave room for customized messaging.

Thank you notes remain a popular way to express gratitude. There are also specialized assortments of thank you cards for baby showers, weddings, or kids’ birthday parties.

Many people invest in holiday assortment cards, like Christmas cards, because it’s a cost-effective option when you have dozens of cards to send out.

Size and weight

Greeting cards come in all shapes and sizes, though you’ll find that many cards measure 4 x 6 inches and weigh less than one ounce. However, there are plenty of oversized cards, not to mention heavier ones due to embellishments to thick card stock.

For that reason, it’s important to know whether the card dimensions require only a single first class postage stamp, or if additional postage is required. Only some cards have this information printed near their bar codes, so you may need to weigh cards to be sure.

Assorted greeting cards features


The vast majority of greeting cards are made of paper and cardboard. When it comes to embellishments, though, the sky’s the limit. Cards may have unique 3D detail with pompoms, glitter, ribbon, and even pop-up designs. There are also many eco-conscious cards made with recycled materials.


Greeting cards are sold with plain envelopes or color-matching envelopes. High-end envelopes feature attractive foil or pattern linings, or they have pre-glued sticky seals. Certain greeting card assortments even feature decorative envelopes with prints that match their cards.

Bonus items

Select greeting card assortments come with bonus items, such as special boxes, seals, or stickers. It’s also common for some assortments to be packaged with matching pens, stamps, or other stationery supplies.

Assorted greeting cards price

Small assortments of a dozen or fewer greeting cards cost $12 and below. Deluxe assortments with as many as 50 cards run between $12-$35 depending on their quality. The most expensive greeting cards, namely from leading brands, cost as much as $35-$50 for up to 25 cards.

Assorted greeting cards FAQ

Q. What type of pen should I use to write greeting cards?

A. Some people invest in rollerball or fountain pens to add a fancy touch to cards. However, these inks are prone to smearing if you don’t give them ample time to dry. Other people play it safe and stick to classic ballpoint pens that dry instantly and are smear-proof.

Q. How can I tell whether a greeting card is good quality?

A. A key indication of a good-quality card is the card stock. If it feels flimsy, thin, or bends easily, there is a high probability it will bend or crease in the mail.

Assorted greeting cards we recommend

Best of the best

Hallmark Handmade Assorted Greeting Cards

Hallmark Handmade Assorted Greeting Cards

Our take: A deluxe card assortment with fine graphic detail and other signature Hallmark attributes.

What we like: Assortment is neatly packaged in an attractive storage box. Includes 24 cards for various occasions as well as some blank cards. High-end embellishments like glitter and sequins.

What we dislike: Assortment mostly includes birthday cards.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best bang for the buck

Best Paper Greetings 48 All-Occasion Greeting Cards

Best Paper Greetings 48 All-Occasion Greeting Cards

Our take: Affordable, well-rounded card assortment with attractive, versatile designs.

What we like: Includes common occasions like birthdays and anniversaries as well as special-occasion cards for anniversaries or graduations. Card front features theme while the inside is blank for customized messages.

What we dislike: Some consumers felt the card stock was thinner than expected.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

The Best Card Company Fun Puns Blank Note Cards

The Best Card Company Fun Puns Blank Note Cards

Our take: Humorous 10-card assortment featuring adorable characters and groan-worthy puns.

What we like: Card stock is thick and fits perfectly inside envelopes. Each card has a semi-gloss finish. Assortment is packaged in a durable plastic case to keep them crease-free. Great as just-because cards.

What we dislike: Non-specific designs, so they’re not ideal if you prefer occasion cards.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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