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Which Joker costume should you get for Halloween?

The Joker is a well-known character who first appeared as a villain in the DC comic book “Batman” in 1940. Over the decades, he has been featured in several movies as well.

With his distinctive look and dark nature, the Joker has become a popular choice for Halloween costumes. While there are slight variations in his look from one movie to another, the Joker usually has a white painted face, red lips, green hair and a purple suit.   

Types of Joker costumes

Before you buy a Joker Halloween costume, decide which depiction of the character should inspire your look: 

  • Generic: Many versions of the character in early “Batman” movies and TV shows stayed true to the comic book depiction of the Joker, including actor Jack Nicholson’s portrayal in the 1989 film “Batman.” It features neatly slicked-back green hair, a white face and a wide smile applied with red paint. The Joker wears a purple suit, green shirt and bow tie. Often, he also wears purple gloves and walks with a cane.
  • “Dark Knight”: Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in “The Dark Knight” in 2008 revived interest in dressing up as the character for Halloween. This look is a little more ragged than earlier versions. The Joker’s makeup is patchy, with dark circles around the eyes and the hair is long and stringy.
  • “Joker”: The movie “Joker,” from 2019, tells the villain’s origin story. Joaquin Phoenix plays the role wearing a a yellow shirt and red coat and tails. Along with long green hair, the Joker’s makeup includes a red nose and blue diamonds around the eyes
  • “Suicide Squad”: In the “Suicide Squad” movies, Jared Leto’s Joker is a lot more edgy than other versions. It includes facial tattoos and slicked-back bright green hair. When he’s wearing the iconic purple jacket, it’s made from purple leather snakeskin.

Once you’ve settled on the inspiration for your Joker costume, make sure you know what size costume you’ll need. You’ll also want to consider whether to buy a full costume or pick up individual pieces and put them together. 

Best Joker costumes to buy

Best Best Costume Deals Joker Movie Mask

Best Costume Deals “Joker” Movie Mask

If you’re looking for an easy costume, this Joker movie mask just needs to be slipped on as you walk out the door. Made from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, it’s terrifying and is based on the Joaquin Phoenix version of the character.

Sold by Amazon

Best Suit Yourself Joker Halloween Costume

Suit Yourself Joker Halloween Costume

This Joker suit comes with trousers, jacket, shirt, vest and bow tie, meaning all you need to do is put on a mask or makeup to look precisely like Batman’s nemesis. This costume is great if you plan on coordinating your outfit with friends from the DC universe.

Sold by Amazon

Best Rubie's Men's Suicide Squad Deluxe Joker Costume

Rubie’s Men’s “Suicide Squad” Deluxe Joker Costume

This costume is officially licensed by DC and is perfect for people who want to replicate the “Suicide Squad” look. The costume is machine-washable and even comes with a cane to complete the look.

Sold by Amazon 

Best Rubie's The Dark Knight Joker Deluxe Costume

Rubie’s “The Dark Knight” Joker Deluxe Costume

This costume is just what you need for the Heath Ledger look and it’s an officially licensed “Dark Knight” outfit. It’s made of polyester and comes with a purple jacket, attached green shirt, tie with pin-striped pants and a scary half-Joker mask.

Sold by Amazon

Best Rubie's Men's DC Super Villains Adult Joker Costume

Rubie’s Men’s DC Super Villains Adult Joker Costume

This costume is made from synthetic material that is hand-wash only, but it does come with a jacket, attached shirt, vest, bow tie, pants, Joker wig, cane and face paint. This costume will leave you looking sharp and edgy.

Sold by Amazon

Best JPXH Heath Ledger Joker Costume

JPXH Heath Ledger Joker Costume 

Made of polyester, this costume is machine-washable and is based on Heath Ledger’s look as the Joker in the “Dark Knight” movies. While you’ll need to add pants and makeup separately, the vest, shirt and tie in this costume are made with strong, durable fabric.

Sold by Amazon

Best Charades Men's Joker Costume

Charades Men’s Joker Costume

This costume is more of a generic take on the Joker rather than having an affiliation with a specific movie. It includes a full pinstripe suit, vest and tie, but be aware that the wig pictured is not included with the costume.

Sold by Amazon

Best Nezababy Joker Cosplay Costume

Nezababy Joker Cosplay Costume 

This high-quality costume is made from cotton, polyester, satin and broadcloth for a super-realistic effect. It includes a long jacket, patterned shirt, vest and pinstripe pants.

Sold by Amazon

Best Rubie’s DC Super Villains The Joker Costume

Rubie’s DC Super Villains The Joker Costume

If you’re looking for a Joker costume for your kids, this costume is made to fit kids aged 5-7. It includes a jacket, attached shirt, vest, bow tie and jacket, and the flexible polyester material doesn’t restrict movement.

Sold by Amazon

Best Bitseacoco Men's Gothic Medieval Tailcoat Jacket

Bitseacoco Men’s Gothic Medieval Tailcoat Jacket

This gothic costume comes in five  colors and the purple and green jacket-and-shirt combo is an ideal base for your Joker costume. Despite the thin fabric, customers report that the costume is really detailed and well made.

Sold by Amazon

Best Yaskitao Dark Knight Cosplay Mask

“Dark Knight” Cosplay Mask

This mask is ideal if you don’t have the time or inclination to apply Joker makeup for your costume. The mask is highly detailed and made from a soft natural latex.

Sold by Amazon

Best Makkrom Men's Steampunk Gothic Jacket

Makkrom Men’s Steampunk Gothic Jacket

If you’ve got everything else you need, this purple steampunk tails and vest will help you finish off the signature Joker look. As it’s a separate piece rather than a full costume, you can even reuse it for other Halloween costumes in the future.

Sold by Amazon

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