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Which LEGO Hulks are best?

There have been numerous video games and movies based on LEGO iterations of famous superheroes. Among the most popular characters are Batman, Superman and Spider-Man. However, Hulk is becoming commonplace in LEGO sets, and children love to get him to “smash” his way through their creations. He has appeared in LEGO Marvel movies as an Avenger alongside other characters from the franchise.

A great start to any Hulk LEGO collection is the Superheroes: Hulk Lab Smash. Children can use him to smash through the lab and interact with other Marvel characters.

What to know before you buy a LEGO Hulk

There are countless LEGO Marvel superhero sets. Hulk LEGO sets are one of the most popular because the character is known for smashing. What better character is there to smash down LEGO buildings or jump on and destroy LEGO vehicles than the monstrous green giant? 

Age-range recommendation

LEGO contains small pieces that are considered potential choking hazards. In light of this, LEGO is not usually recommended to children younger than 3. LEGO’s age-range recommendations should be adhered to. But, don’t despair. LEGO Duplo is available for younger builders, and they provide more suitable sets with bigger pieces.

The cost

LEGO isn’t the most budget-friendly brand of toy out there, and some people often find that they are getting a little less than expected when they buy a set. However, LEGO does inspire creativity, and it is all fully compatible with other sets. This means that children can connect and grow worlds that they create with buildings, vehicles and others. 


LEGO sets are reportedly excellent investments. They can give a 12% return every year if proper care of the sets is taken. Valuation of a used LEGO set goes up as soon as LEGO stops producing it. “Star Wars” LEGO sets, in particular, have sold for almost $3,000, and there’s no reason to assume a Hulk LEGO set couldn’t do the same.

What to look for in a quality LEGO Hulk

Character variety

The Hulk should interact with many different Marvel characters in his LEGO packs. Buying several Hulk LEGO sets shouldn’t result in purchasing the same characters. They should include many different characters and scenarios to keep your child interested. LEGO sometimes throws in some more obscure characters to maintain variety.


There should be different accessories in the set, from characters’ weapons to artifacts. Sets that are based on Marvel movies should include the characters and accessories from those movies. Examples of this could be the infinity stones from the “Infinity Saga” movies or the characters’ weapons.


Hulk LEGO sets should have different features that are essentially gimmicks for each. These features should be centered around the Hulk and could be part of a building for Hulk to smash. These features should help enhance playability and inspire creative scenarios.

How much you can expect to spend on a LEGO Hulk

LEGO sets featuring the Hulk will cost $40 for simple building kits and $200 for complex sets featuring multiple characters. 


How can I make my LEGO set a good investment?

A. To achieve maximum value, the LEGO set should remain unopened and in undamaged packaging. Store the pack away from sunlight and damp conditions and not under other boxes and toys. Kits that are discontinued will quickly gain value, which is good knowledge to acquire. Also, buying a LEGO set from post-1999 will be much more advantageous because sets previous to this year are less in demand.

Is LEGO compatible with other toys?

A. LEGO is one of the most versatile toys and is compatible with many other toys to build worlds and stories. The beauty of LEGO is that if you have a large toy you want to use with it, you can just build bigger, providing you own a large collection of bricks.

What are the best LEGO Hulks to buy?

Top LEGO Hulk

Superheroes Hulk Lab Smash

LEGO Superheroes: Hulk Lab Smash

What you need to know: This set is aimed at children from ages 6-12 and features a variety of Marvel characters and accessories.

What you’ll love: This 398-piece set features the Marvel Comics’ characters Hulk, MODOK, Thor and Falcon. An included comic keeps you informed of the story in the build-up to the lab scene, and all the characters are based on comic-book iterations.

What you should consider: Because it is designed to be easily smashed by the Hulk, some reviewers have mentioned it is a little flimsy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top LEGO Hulk for the money

Marvel Avengers Hulk Helicopter Rescue

LEGO Marvel Avengers: Hulk Helicopter Rescue

What you need to know: This 482-piece set is based on the Marvel “Avengers” movies and aimed at children aged 8 and up.

What you’ll love: The helicopter features stud-shooters and a function for lowering Hulk into battle. The other characters are Rescue, Black Widow and two Chitauri for enemies. Hulk has an infinity gauntlet, and there are four infinity stones for collection.

What you should consider: It only has four out of six infinity stones, with the others needing to be collected by buying the Avengers: Compound Battle set.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Marvel Superheroes Hulk Vs. Red Hulk

LEGO Marvel Superheroes: Hulk Vs. Red Hulk

What you need to know: Team Hulk vs. Team Red Hulk faces off against each other in awesome monster vehicles for children 7 to 14 years old.

What you’ll love: The vehicles feature jumping Hulk functions which launch the respective Hulks into each other when the cars collide head-on. Each team contains their respective She-Hulk, too, and the vehicles have huge monster wheels and stud-shooting blasters.

What you should consider: It’s at the pricier end of the scale for a Hulk LEGO set.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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