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Which Batman action figure is best?

Batman has gripped imaginations since DC Comics introduced him to the world in 1939. The Dark Knight has had many transitions since then through comic books, TV shows and blockbuster movies. Consequently, the action figures have followed suit, from the original 1940s lead figures to the recently popular Batman Beyond and Arkham Knight series. Nowadays, there are hundreds to choose from with different prices and features. The best widely available Batman action figure is the McFarlane Toys Batman: Arkham Knight action figure.

What to know before you buy a Batman action figure

There are many exciting Batman toys available for all ages and purposes. However, children and collectors alike can’t resist superhero action figures, and Batman is no exception. So, what should you consider before buying your action figure?

Brand compatibility

The brand of action figure you buy may not be compatible with the accessories of other brands. For example, your new figurine may be too long for a Batmobile that you purchased because they are made by different companies. Make sure the action figure is compatible with any other paraphernalia you wish to purchase.

Toy vs. collectible

This will have an effect on your budgetary consideration. An expensive collectible may not be the best idea to buy for a child who wants to throw their action hero against a wall during a creative battle with a giant teddy bear! In this scenario, plastic action figures intended as toys are durable yet economical.

Collectibles can be profitable investments

A significant investment in a collectible Batman action figure should be researched thoroughly before purchase. Consider things such as authenticity and current trends in action-figure markets. Alternatively, a budget-friendly figure could become a valuable collector item over time, given the proper care. Many collectors won’t remove an action figure from its packaging for fear of it being devalued.

What to look for in a quality Batman action figure


The ability of the figure to move well is essential. Therefore, articulation of the joints is pivotal for children who want to play with them. This also applies to older children and adults who like to change the pose of ornamental figures frequently.


In recent years, sculpting and painting techniques have improved considerably, resulting in much more finely featured figures. Look at the quality of detail you are getting for the price you are paying before deciding. 


Maintaining an interest in an action figure usually comes down to the limits of creativity. A lonesome Batman figure may not hold interest as long as a Batman figure in a Batmobile or an arch-nemesis to crusade against, such as a Joker action figure. Consider how wide a universe can be created with the add-ons available while remembering that different brands may not be compatible with the brand you buy.

How much you can expect to spend on a Batman action figure

Vintage, mint-condition and unopened Batgirl figurines from the 1960s have reached almost $18,000. This may be beyond your price range. If so, you can pay between $8-$50 for a child-friendly figure or up to $500 or more for readily available collectibles.

Batman action figure FAQ

How can I maintain the condition of my action figure?

A. If you are looking to increase the value of a collectible item, then storage is of paramount concern. Your action figure will not have good longevity if stored away in a cold attic, and long periods of direct sunlight may cause damage to the paintwork. Figures should be kept at room temperature and cleaned about once a year. Make sure that they are dried thoroughly afterward, too.

Are Batman action figures safe for young children?

A. Some figures do not contain small parts and are suitable for babies from 3 months old. Many are more suitable for children from 3 years old due to having some little pieces that may be a choking hazard. Always check the age-range recommendation before you buy.

What’s the best Batman action figure to buy?

Top Batman action figure

McFarlane Toys Batman: Arkham Knight 7-inch Action Figure

McFarlane Toys Batman: Arkham Knight 7-inch Action Figure

What you need to know: This model will appeal to older children and adult collectors alike. They will love the highly detailed design of the figure, which is based on the Arkham City video game.

What you’ll love: The detail on this action figure is second to none, from the intricate design of the cape to the striking paintwork. This figure also has 22 moveable joints, allowing for numerous positions when displaying and many variations of action moves when playing.

What you should consider: Some customers have complained that the joints are a little stiff at first.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Batman action figure for the money

DC Comics 12 inch Bat Tech Action Figure

DC Comics 12-inch Bat-Tech Action Figure

What you need to know: This child-friendly, inexpensive action figure is a good choice for both play and display.

What you’ll love: This figure features 11 points of articulation, which is still an ample amount to entertain a young child and ensure hours of imagination-fuelled battles. It is taller than some other action figures at 12-inches, which means this Batman is a little more difficult for young children to lose.

What you should consider: Some small parts mean it is not a suitable toy for young children under 3 years old.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Batman Who Laughs Action Figure

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Batman Who Laughs Action Figure

What you need to know: Based on the DC Comics monthly Dark Nights: Metal, this unusual Batman/Joker hybrid is actually a super-villain in the storyline.

What you’ll love: This series has three figures to collect: Batman, Batgirl and Nightwing. Each figure comes with a piece of a Batmobile that can be assembled after acquiring all three. The Ultra Articulation has 22 mobile parts, allowing for many great action poses.

What you should consider: This figure is a little on the scary side and may be unsuitable for young children.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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