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Which soccer rebounders are best?

When practicing a sport, you want to maximize your time and effort to improve as much as you can and as quickly as possible. Sports with balls can be difficult to practice while maximizing your time, since you can spend much of it walking to retrieve your ball after a shot. With a rebounder, you can cut ball retrieval time to nearly zero.

The best rebounder for soccer is the SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Net. This is one of the only rebounders specifically made for soccer, and it uses two net types for a greater variety of practice.

What to know before you buy a soccer rebounder


When shopping for a soccer rebounder, there are two things to bear in mind when it comes to size: how much space you have to use it with and what kind of drills you’re looking to perform. Some rebounders are small or large because of the types of the drills they’re intended to be used with, but if you have limited space, know that plenty of useful drills can still be performed with a small soccer rebounder.


There are a wide variety of frame types used in soccer rebounders. Some are foldable for quick and easy storage when not in use, or for easy travel. Others use A-frames to hold up large rebounders, while some use anchors to keep the rebounder up.

Weather resistance is a big part of frames as well. The larger the soccer rebounder, the more likely it is that a frame has been designed to withstand the elements and remain set up, as a consequence of being difficult to set up and take down.

Net vs. spring mat

Soccer rebounders utilize either netting or a spring-loaded mat to rebound the ball. Netting is much more widely used and more affordable, and the extra give is preferable to those who don’t want their ball shot back at them with speed. Spring-loaded mats are more durable and weather-resistant, however.

What to look for in a quality soccer rebounder


Some soccer rebounders have a target in the dead center or several targets dotted around the netting. Having a target to shoot for not only improves accuracy but makes it much easier to see if your ball hits the target, especially when hurtled towards the net at high speed.


Some soccer rebounders use an anchoring system to help them stay up, typically using stakes to secure loops or strings with variable lengths. Anchored soccer rebounders should never be left up when not in use, as the anchoring system can cause damage when attempting to secure the rebounder against conditions it wasn’t designed to be secured against, namely inclement weather.

How much you can expect to spend on a soccer rebounder

Soccer rebounders can cost as much or as little as you care to spend, with most prices usually coming down to the size of the rebounder. Most soccer rebounders cost $50-$150, though there are cheaper and much more expensive options as well.

Soccer rebounder FAQ

My soccer rebounder has a set of drills it says to use with it — can I only do these drills?

A. Rebounders usually come with a set of drills that the rebounder, due to its size and construction, is built to be used with. Some rebounders also suggest drills to do as a matter of safety, especially with smaller rebounders. You’re free to perform any drill you so choose with any rebounder you purchase, but using the suggested drills as a starting point or a frame of reference for the best drills to use it with is a wise consideration.

I don’t want to repeatedly set up and take down my soccer rebounder. Is it safe to leave it outside?

A. Depending on the soccer rebounder, yes. Many rebounders, especially the largest ones, use metals and netting that are designed to stay outdoors and resist the effects of precipitation or strong winds. Smaller rebounders usually aren’t designed to stay set up outside but are much easier to set up and take down in response.

What’s the best soccer rebounder to buy?

Top soccer rebounder 

SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Net

SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Net

What you need to know: This SKLZ soccer rebounder is one of the few rebounders built specifically for soccer instead of being multi-sport.

What you’ll love: A large frame allows for more options on what kinds of shots and angles you can practice. The frame is easy enough to set up and take down so that you don’t need to keep it up, saving yard space.

What you should consider: Missing a shot that’s too high when targeting the secondary low-angle net can get the ball stuck between the two nets, defeating the purpose of a rebounder.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top soccer rebounder for the money

Franklin Sports Soccer Rebounder

Franklin Sports Soccer Rebounder

What you need to know: This low-cost soccer rebounder is a great choice for younger players getting started.

What you’ll love: This soccer rebounder is available in a 6 by 4-foot or 12 by 6-foot size and comes in two color options. The frame and net are designed to stay up in your yard or practice field with excellent weather resistance.

What you should consider: This soccer rebounder will take up a lot of space, and it’s too cumbersome to set up and take down to only build it when you need it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

EZGoal Multi-Sport Folding Rebounder Net

EZGoal Multi-Sport Folding Rebounder Net

What you need to know: If you coach multiple sports or have kids who play different sports, this multi-sport rebounder is an excellent purchase.

What you’ll love: The frame and netting are heavy-duty and built to stay up and resist all manner of weather conditions. A center target gives kids something to aim for to improve their accuracy. It can be folded up to save space when not in use.

What you should consider: The netting is more tightly strung than some other soccer rebounders, which can cause the ball to rebound faster than desired if traveling quickly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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