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Which jump trainers are best?

The only day worse than leg day is the day after leg day. A jump trainer is a great way to switch up your lower-body workouts to isolate specific leg muscles, which can help increase your overall strength and endurance.

When shopping for the best jump trainer, you want to look for one that fits comfortably and offers enough resistance to be beneficial, but not too much to risk injury. INNSTAR’s Vertical Jump Trainer is our champion. It’s an adjustable, lightweight but durable piece of equipment that can help you achieve your fitness goals. To learn more about this model or the features to look for in other quality jump trainers, keep reading.

Considerations when choosing jump trainers

In order for your jump trainer to be appropriate for your needs, it has to be the right size and offer sufficient resistance.


Jump trainers feature a belt that wraps around your waist and elastic cords that run from that belt to your ankles. Most models are somewhat adjustable, but they are usually designed for an average build. If you have a large or small waist, be sure the model that you are considering will be a good fit. The same can be said for height, especially if you are tall. Many models cannot accommodate individuals who are six feet and up.


If the resistance level isn’t sufficient, you will not benefit from adding a jump trainer to your workout routine. The best model will come with a variety of resistance bands so the jump trainer can grow with you. It is possible, however, that you will be required to purchase additional resistance bands separately. In the worst-case scenario, your jump trainer will only come with one level of resistance and no additional bands available. Read the product description carefully so you know which type you are purchasing.

Jump trainers features

Following are a few other aspects that you will need to consider before purchasing your ideal jump trainer.

  • Foot loops: Some models offer an ankle cuff plus a foot loop that you can wear to provide added security while working out.
  • Comfort: Although you likely won’t find out until your first workout, you will want a jump trainer that is comfortable to wear and doesn’t slide about while you exercise.
  • Travel bag: A jump trainer is lightweight and easy to toss in your backpack or gym bag, but most models should come with a travel bag to make transport even easier.
  • Instructions: Obviously, you want a jump trainer that comes with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. If the directions that accompany your model are lacking, however, it is possible to find an abundance of jump trainer workouts online.

Jump trainers price

You may be able to find a jump trainer for around $20, but for increased durability and a better range of sizes, you’ll want to hold out for something in the $30-$40 price bracket. If you’d like a model that includes more than one level of resistance, you’ll be looking at $60 or more.

Jump trainers FAQ

Q. Can using a jump trainer really make me jump higher?

A. A jump trainer is best when used as part of an overall health and fitness routine that includes warming up, stretching, doing strength training, building up your core, and eating right to fuel your body. If you faithfully and diligently follow this regimen, a jump trainer can help you to achieve your vertical jumping goals.

Q. When will I start to see results from my training?

A. There is a wide range of factors that affect how long it takes to experience results from using a jump trainer. If you use the equipment regularly and as directed, you may start to see results in as little as three or four weeks.

Jump trainers we recommend

Best of the best jump trainer

INNSTAR’s Vertical Jump Trainer

INNSTAR’s Vertical Jump Trainer

Our take: A lightweight, durable jump trainer with a waistband that adjusts from 27.5 to 38.5 inches.

What we like: This jump trainer can be used to strengthen legs in a variety of ways. There is an XL waistband available for a 44-inch waist. The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What we dislike: Some users feel that the straps shift and may require occasional adjustments during an intense workout.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best bang for your buck jump trainer

FIGROL’s Vertical Bounce Trainer Leg Resistance Bands

FIGROL’s Vertical Bounce Trainer Leg Resistance Bands

Our take: An upgraded, versatile, and affordable jump trainer with a belt that is good up to 34.8 inches.

What we like: Adaptable to a variety of resistance-training exercises, ankle-to-waist, ankle-to-ankle, and ankle-to-stationary object. It comes with a belt, two ankle cuffs, four resistance straps, instructions, and a carry bag.

What we dislike: Not designed for individuals with a waist larger than 34.8 inches.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Ueasy’s Bounce Trainer

Ueasy’s Bounce Trainer

Our take: An affordable resistance training device for your legs with a waistband that is adjustable up to 37.7 inches.

What we like: Has the option to purchase a variety of bands ranging from 40 pounds to 100 pounds of resistance. Ankle cuffs feature a foot strap for added security while working out.

What we dislike: Some users feel that the belt can be a little uncomfortable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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