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Which discs are best for disc golf?

Disc golf is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country. One of the reasons for its phenomenal growth was the cessation of indoor activities over 2020. Since disc golf is played outdoors, it became one of the few activities that people could still do during the pandemic. While the sport requires a great deal of skill, without the right gear, you cannot excel.

The best disc golf discs will have the distance and stability that you desire. Innova’s Disc Golf Starter Set offers a variety of discs that are appropriate for a broad spectrum of situations, making them an excellent choice for a beginner who is serious about learning how to advance their game.

What to know before you buy a disc golf disc

There are four different types of disc golf discs

It takes a combination of discs to get from the tee pad to the basket. There are four different types of disc golf discs, and each has a specific purpose: distance drivers, fairway drivers, mid-range discs and putters. Additionally, you can purchase a mini disc, which is not used for throwing. It is simply used to mark your location.

Distance drivers: While these discs can potentially travel the farthest, they are the hardest for a beginner to control, so they are best used for long-distance throws by experienced players.

Fairway drivers: While fairway drivers do not have the maximum range potential as distance drivers, these discs offer greater control and are a better distance disc option for beginners.

Midrange discs: For maximum control and accuracy, but not speed, midrange discs are the best. In the hands of an experienced user, a midrange disc might even function well as the tee-off throw.

Putters: For the most accurate discs with the least potential for distance, you’ll want a putter. These are the discs to use when you get closer to the basket and accuracy becomes essential.

What the numbers on a disc mean

If you’d prefer to choose a disc based on its individual features, not its overall classification, you’ll need to understand what the four numbers on a disc golf disc mean. These numbers denote the disc’s flight rating and they represent the disc’s speed, glide, turn and fade. Discraft’s discs feature an additional number that is an old-school stability rating.

Speed (1 to 14): Faster discs have thicker rims, while slower discs have blunt rims. For beginning disc golfers, it is important to understand that speed alone doesn’t necessarily mean a disc will go farther, but it does mean it will take greater effort to throw and be harder to control. 

Glide (1 to 7): Glide represents a disc’s tendency to remain aloft. A higher number means the disc will remain in the air longer, thus giving it the potential for greater distance. A beginner who is seeking a good distance disc will want one with a high glide number.

Turn (+1 to -5): Turn is a disc’s tendency to veer to the right (when using the right hand in a backhand throw) in the early part of a throw. Discs with +1 are the most resistant to turning and they are usually best for beginners.

Fade (0 to 5): Fade is the disc’s tendency to hook to the left at the end of the throw. Discs with a 0 rating will finish without fading.

Discraft’s stability rating (3 to -3): In Discraft’s system, discs that turn to the right have a negative stability rating, while discs that turn to the left have a positive stability rating.

What to look for in a quality disc golf disc


The weight range of disc golf discs is from 120 to 180 grams. While the weight is ultimately determined by user preference, many individuals tend to favor discs in the 165- to the 175-gram range. 


The type of plastic used to manufacture a disc golf disc ranges from a low-grade plastic that offers a good grip but wears more quickly to a durable plastic that holds up well to abuse but does not feature the best grip. Additionally, high-end models may use premium plastic that offers increased durability as well as an excellent grip.


Some disc golf discs have extra features that can range from being glow-in-the-dark to floating when landing in water. For the most part, these extra features are for use in certain conditions and aren’t as critical to the disc’s performance.

How much you can expect to spend on a disc golf disc

If you are interested in getting a single disc golf disc, the price can range from about $10-$25. On the other hand, for individuals who would like to purchase a set of disc golf discs that includes at least a putter, a midrange disc and a driver, those sets may cost anywhere from $20-$50 and up.

Disc golf disc FAQ

How long should a disc golf disc last?

A. The answer to that question varies greatly from individual to individual. The best short answer is to keep a disc until it is no longer useful to you. Over time, discs do change. However, unless there is a traumatic event, the change will be gradual. There are some people who may trash a disc after the first time it lets them down with a turn and burn. However, there are many others who keep a disc for several years. Also, depending on the type of courses you play, it may be much more likely that you will lose a disc before it becomes too worn to use.

Why do disc golf discs come in different colors?

A. There are several reasons why disc golf discs come in such a wide variety of colors. One reason is so the user can express themselves by choosing their favorite color disc. Another is to help you quickly identify not only which discs are yours but, if you choose a different color for different purposes (putter, midrange and drivers), you can quickly identify the best disc for the situation. However, arguably the most important reason disc golf discs come in a variety of vibrant colors is so you can choose one that won’t easily get lost. You want to use discs that contrast with the environment so they stand out, making them easy to locate. 

What do the terms understable and overstable mean?

A. Understable simply means a disc that turns to the right, while overstable means a disc that fades to the left.

What’s the best disc golf disc to buy?

Top disc golf disc

Innova Disc Golf Starter Set

Innova Disc Golf Starter Set

What you need to know: This is a comprehensive starter set that features a number of impressive discs for the beginner who is serious about getting better.

What you’ll love: The five discs in this set include one putter, one distance driver, two fairway drivers and one midrange disc. There is also a mini disc included that can be used as a marker. The weight of the discs ranges from 160-180 grams.

What you should consider: About the only downside to this exceptional set is the colors are not guaranteed, so you won’t know which colors you will be getting until the set arrives.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top disc golf disc for the money

Innova Disc Golf Set

Innova Disc Golf Set

What you need to know: This affordable beginner’s set includes the essential discs: one putter, one mid-range disc and one fairway driver.

What you’ll love: The set is designed to give the beginner a quality option for each type of throw with the included putter being one of the top three putters in the business. All three discs are manufactured using DX plastic, which offers a comfortable grip and reliable performance in a variety of weather conditions.

What you should consider: A few users felt these discs were slightly on the lighter side, but were still a good buy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Discraft Avenger SS

Discraft Avenger SS

What you need to know: This is ideal for the individual who already has a few decent-quality discs and is looking to step up to a top-quality distance driver.

What you’ll love: This distance driver is recommended for advanced to expert players as it is best for long-distance turnover drives. The Discraft stability rating is 0.5, and it is a heavier model, available in the 170- to 173-gram range.

What you should consider: Again, the biggest complaint with this disc is it doesn’t come in the color that is pictured — you could purchase a lime green disc, but a neon pink one may arrive. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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