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What are the best Abus bike locks? 

Taking care of a bike can feel like a part-time job, but whether your bike is your primary means of transportation or for recreational riding, you need to ensure that it’s secure when you park it.

Abus is known for high-quality bike locks that offer high security levels. The best ones are durable and easy to carry, so no matter what kind of bike you own, you can find an Abus bike lock that’ll keep it secure whenever you’re not around.

What types of Abus bike locks are there?

Abus makes three kinds of locks.

  • U-lock: These have a traditional design, are easy to use and are difficult to manipulate or cut. They have a U-shape, use a key to unlock and are the best kinds of locks to attach to a bike rack. They’re highly durable and lightweight, and most have a colorful design that acts as a strong visual deterrent.
  • Chain locks: These consist of padlocked chain links and provide excellent protection and flexibility. They can easily be looped around almost any bike frame and use a key to unlock, but they are heavy and difficult to carry.
  • Cable locks: These are like chain locks in that they’re flexible and can be used to secure all kinds of bikes. Cable locks are also much more lightweight, longer and easy to carry. However, it’s important to note that cable locks have a combination locking mechanism that’s less secure than locks that use keys, and the build isn’t nearly as durable as that of a u-lock or chain lock.

What should I look for in a quality Abus bike lock?


The best Abus bike locks are made with highly durable materials such as alloy steel. Any bike lock can be broken, but it’s difficult to do so if it has a thick build and can resist being clipped by bolt-cutting tools.  

Key vs. combination lock

It’s a good idea to ensure that your lock comes with at least two keys in case your damage or lose one. However, a combination lock is excellent if you’re prone to losing small items and want to avoid a situation where you can’t free your bike. Combination locks aren’t as secure as locks with keys, but it eliminates the need to carry around keys or worry about losing them.

Fabric sleeves or protective lock bodies

The last thing you want to do is damage or scratch your bike’s frame. Most high-quality bike U-locks and cable locks have a soft coating around the body, preventing accidental scratches and nicks. Chain locks have a protective fabric sleeve that envelops the chain links and lets you pull them without worrying about damaging the frame or paint.

Best Abus bike locks

Best U-locks

Best Abus Granit X-Plus 540 U-Lock

Abus Granit X-Plus 540 U-Lock

This alloy steel  lock has a 13-millimeter parabolic shackle and offers a security level of 15, the maximum rating Abus offers for bike locks. It has an LED illuminated cover to protect the keyhole from dust and other debris, and it comes with two keys and a code for a replacement key.

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Best Abus Ultra 410 Bike U-Lock

Abus Ultra 410 Bike U-Lock

This lock weighs two pounds and has a 12-millimeter round shackle that easily mounts frames with a 24- to 35-millimeter diameter. The housing cover prevents damage to bike paint, and the temper-hardened steel is highly cut and twist-resistant.

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Best Abus Mini Ultra 410 Bike U-Lock

Abus Mini Ultra 410 Bike U-Lock

You’ll love this lock if you’re looking for something affordable and easy to carry. Thanks to a twist-resistant design, it provides excellent security, and the body coating prevents damage to your bike’s paint and frame.

Sold by Amazon

Best Abus Granit Plus 470 Bike U-Lock

Abus Granit Plus 470 Bike U-Lock

It’s simple but it has a double-bolt body to help keep your bike secure. It has an automatic cover for keeping out dirt, and the patented Power Cell technology makes it highly resistant to twisting, bending and pulling.

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Best chain locks

Best Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Lock

Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Lock

You can keep your bike safe with this heavy-duty lock made with hardened steel. It has a compact, foldable design; 5.5-millimeter steel bars, each with a soft coating; and a silicone cover that keeps your bike’s paint scratch-free.

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Best Abus Granit CityChain X-Plus Chain Lock

Abus Granit CityChain X-Plus Chain Lock

This 10-millimeter lock features a sturdy chain made with hardened steel and Power Link technology to connect to the locking mechanism. It has an X-Plus cylinder for superior lock-pick protection and a fabric sleeve cover over the chain.

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Best Abus Bordo Folding Locks Bordo 6000

Abus Bordo Folding Locks Bordo 6000

This bike lock offers a security level of 10 — in the top range of Abus bicycle locks — and an intuitive alarm system that only activates in response to excessive force. The alarm continues for 15 seconds and repeats until those movements stop, and there’s an indicator for battery status.

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Best cable locks and other locks

Best Abus Locks Cobra Cable Lock

Abus Locks Cobra Cable Lock

If you’re looking for a bike lock that’s flexible and easy to use, look no further than this 220-centimeter Cobra lock. It’s 10 millimeters wide, stays curled up when you tie it and the polyvinyl chloride coating prevents damage to your bicycle.

Sold by Amazon

Best Abus Pro Tectic 4960 Frame Lock

Abus Pro Tectic 4960 Frame Lock

This bike lock has a distinct design and locks the wheels to your bike’s frame. It provides a security level of 7, in the medium range for Abus bicycle locks; works well with wheels of various sizes; and the locking mechanism is in the lock body, allowing for connecting other chains.

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