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Which bridal sandals are best?

Now that you have the venue, dress and guest list, it’s time to start crossing off other bullet points from your wedding to-do list. The next step is picking out shoes for the big day, and bridal sandals remain a top choice for many brides. 

With so many styles available, from simple flats to elegant stilettos, there’s a bridal sandal out there for everyone. The top choice, Betsey Johnson Sage Heeled Sandal, is a photogenic option with rhinestone embellishments and a colorful sole. 

What to know before you buy a bridal sandal

Why you should wear bridal sandals

Bridal sandals allow air to flow freely around the foot and may help some brides stay cooler in warmer environments. Flat bridal sandals, like fancy flip-flops or thongs, are ideal for beach weddings because they’re easier to walk in than heels or platform styles. Certain stiletto bridal sandals, including silver and gold styles, are essentially regular dress sandals. As a result, they offer more bang for the buck because they can be worn again to other fancy events.

Sizing considerations

Like most footwear, bridal sandals may run big, small or true to size. For that reason, brides find themselves trying on several, if not dozens of pairs. 

When it comes to trying on shoes, sage advice says to try them on at the end of the day. The foot is swollen after several hours of walking and standing, which means wearers are more likely to find a true fit. This is especially important when it comes to bridal sandals because they may have tight straps and details that dig into feet. When this happens, some brides simply size up, while others find a better fit with wide widths. 

How to make bridal sandals more comfortable

Bridal sandals have fine, elegant details, and unfortunately, that means that many styles forgo comfort for style. To be more comfortable, some brides invest in sandal-friendly insoles that offer cushioning, support or shock absorption. If the sandals have a covered heel, then soft heel cushions may be added as well. 

What to look for in a quality bridal sandal

Popular colors

Bridal sandals are available in various shades of white, including ivory, cream, and blush. Other popular colors are gold, silver, rose gold and platinum. Some brides prefer stepping away from these traditional options and instead embrace bolder colors for bridal sandals. Certain brides opt for a blue pair to have “something blue” in their wedding, whereas others gravitate toward their favorite colors. 


Many bridal sandals kick up the glam with embellishments such as rhinestones, glitter or Swarovski crystals. These add shine and pizzazz to the sandals, not to mention they sparkle in person and in bridal photos. Some bridal sandals have other types of embellishments, such as pearls, ribbons, lace, rosettes, embroidery or charms. 

Closure style

The vast majority of bridal sandals have ankle straps with small buckle closures. Some modern styles, however, have hidden zipper closures or elastic straps for easy off-and-on. There are a few bridal sandals with ribbon or lace-up closures, which are appreciated for their elegance and customizable fit. 

Heel height

Heel height is one of the most important considerations when it comes to selecting bridal sandals. If comfort is the primary concern, flat or low-heeled sandals, including styles with heels 2 inches and lower, are suitable options. When brides are concerned with height, stiletto sandals are the best choice. Brides who want the best of both worlds often choose sandals with heels that measure 2.5-3 inches, which may be easier to walk in while still offering a moderate lift.

How much you can expect to spend on bridal sandals

Simple bridal sandals, including most flip-flop styles and basic stilettos, cost $30 and below. Embellished bridal sandals start at $40 and may run as high as $250. Designer bridal sandals, including those that match specific bridal gown shades, cost $175-$450.

Bridal sandals FAQ

Should I wear hosiery with sandals?

A. Many brides forgo hosiery with bridal sandals because the toes will be visible in these styles. On the other hand, some pantyhose manufacturers now offer toeless or sheer-toe hosiery styles, which may appeal to some brides. 

When should I buy bridal sandals?

A. It’s common to purchase bridal sandals after you “say yes to the dress.” However, it’s worth picking out bridal sandals before you get alterations, as the heel height may impact how many inches the gown is hemmed. 

What’s the best bridal sandal to buy?

Top bridal sandal

Betsey Johnson Sage Heeled Sandal

Betsey Johnson Sage Heeled Sandal

What you need to know: This elegant embellished bridal sandal is a well-made design that runs true to size. 

What you’ll love: The sandal has ornate details like crisscross straps and hundreds of different-sized crystals. It has a 4-inch heel, which adds just enough lift for most bridal gowns. The colorful soles are unique and photogenic.

What you should consider: Because it has a stiletto heel, it may not be the most comfortable option. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bridal sandal for the money

ShoeSole Pearl T-Strap Flat Bridal Sandals

ShoeSole Pearl T-Strap Flat Bridal Sandals

What you need to know: Popular for beach weddings, this pearl and rhinestone sandal is a favorite option for maxi and midi bridal dresses. 

What you’ll love: The sandal has a thin, flexible sole that is easy to walk in, especially on sand. With both pearls and rhinestones, the sandal coordinates well with most bridal jewelry. Many wearers state the sandal photographs well and appear more expensive than it is. 

What you should consider: The sole is too thin and lightweight to offer any support or shock absorption. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Dream Pairs Gigi Fashion Stiletto Sandal

Dream Pairs Gigi Fashion Stiletto Sandal

What you need to know: This classic stiletto sandal coordinates well with most bridal gowns, plus it’s versatile enough to wear to other events. 

What you’ll love: The sandal has a flexible design, and with a 3-inch heel, it’s a comfortable option that doesn’t compromise on height. Its straps are slender and low-profile. It also has a faux leather insole that is smooth and non-irritating to fit. 

What you should consider: A few shoppers recommended sizing down by half a size because the sandal runs big. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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