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Amazon dry cat food review

When kittens make their leap into adulthood at around 1 year old, owners have an important decision to make. Aside from choosing nutrient-dense cat food, it’s important to select a formula that supports a smooth transition from kitten food to cat food. 

Kitzy claims their dry cat food is the fuel that cats need to stay happy, healthy and curious. The high-quality formula supports nutritional goals with a 32% protein recipe that contains real poultry and vegetables.

The brand promises its easy-to-follow transition regimen makes the process simple and stress-free for cats and cat parents. It only takes 10 days to make the full switch from dry or wet kitten food to Kitzy kibbles.

Amazon Brand – Kitzy Dry Cat Food

We wanted to see whether our young rescue cat was tempted by Kitzy dry cat food, so we decided to try the transition using the turkey and pea variety. Here’s what happened. 

Testing Kitzy cat food

We tested Kitzy with a 9-pound, long-haired Siamese mix that just turned a year old. Prior to Kitzy, the cat was eating half a can of wet kitten food in the morning and evening. It also had a full bowl of dry cat food available throughout the day.

We transitioned our cat from its wet and dry kitten food regimen to Kitzy’s turkey variety of dry cat food over the course of 10 days. 

Kitzy cat food ingredients

Kitzy dry cat food is available in turkey and whitefish varieties. In addition to being free of artificial colors and flavors, these formulas contain no grain, wheat, soy, corn or chicken by-products. 

Instead, Kitzy indicates that “real meat” is always the first product in its dry cat food. After that, the rest of the protein-rich recipe includes pea, sweet potato and flaxseed. The turkey recipe is made with U.S.-sourced turkey, and the remaining ingredients are sourced worldwide.

According to Kitzy’s product page, all formulas are compliant with the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages. 

Who produces Kitzy cat food?

Kitzy is owned and distributed by Amazon. It’s produced in a family-owned facility in Arkansas. 

Transitioning your cat to Kitzy cat food

We followed Kitzy’s transition instructions, which involved 10 days’ worth of weaning. During this time, we combined increasing amounts of Kitzy kibbles with the kitten food. 

The change is gradual, with the ratio adjusting by 25% every three days. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Days 1-3: 25% Kitzy food with 75% kitten food
  • Days 4-6: 50% Kitzy food with 50% kitten food
  • Days 7-9: 75% Kitzy food with 25% kitten food
  • Day 10: full transition to Kitzy food

Did our cat like Kitzy cat food?

Our cat was immediately drawn to Kitzy and finished their food in a timely manner. After several days of eating only Kitzy, our cat appeared to be satisfied with the switch.

While these transitions may result in upset stomach, gas or behavior changes, we didn’t observe any of these side effects. For the most part, it was business as usual for our active, otherwise happy cat. 

Kitzy cat food price

Kitzy offers both dry and wet cat food varieties. Be on the look out for deals of Kitzy products during Amazon’s Prime Day event. 

Dry food

Kitzy Turkey & Pea Dry Cat Food

Kitzy Whitefish & Pea Dry Cat Food

Wet food

Kitzy Wet Cat Food Topper, Cuts in Gravy

Where is Kitzy cat food sold?

Kitzy cat food is sold exclusively through Amazon. Consumers can buy Kitzy as a one-time purchase, and if they’re Amazon Prime members, they can subscribe for easy repeat deliveries.

Kitzy cat food benefits

We felt Kitzy’s transition instructions were easy to follow, even for first-time cat parents. There’s a quick-reference infographic on the packaging that’s concise and to the point.

Kitzy appealed to our cat right away, and our transition experience was free of common side effects. We noticed that after using Kitzy for several weeks, our cat’s fur quality improved and their appetite was consistent. To boot, it’s an affordable alternative to many specialty cat food formulas. 

Kitzy cat food drawbacks

Some cats were highly sensitive to Kitzy and experienced side effects like vomiting, bowel blockage and gas. There were isolated incidents of allergic reactions as well. Before switching your cat’s foot to Kitzy or any other formula, discuss dietary changes with your veterinarian.

A few cat parents reported that Kitzy has a strong, pungent smell. While this may not put off cats, it was an unwelcome odor around the home, according to humans.

Should you get Kitzy cat food?

Based on our experience using Kitzy, we felt the cat food lives up to its promise as a high-quality formula that appeals to cats. Overall, the transition process was a positive, stress-free experience for our cat. 

Amazon Brand – Kitzy Dry Cat Food

Kitzy has broad appeal to several cat demographics, including those transitioning to adult food as well as picky eaters, older cats and cats with sensitive stomachs. 


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