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Which dry-erase wall calendar is best? 

If you have a hectic schedule or you manage a busy family, you might be wondering if there’s an easier way to handle everything. Dry-erase wall calendars have been a staple in homes and offices for years, and offer a tactile, visual way to manage your kids, your team or even just your life. Their flexibility and simplicity will help you handle all of life’s curveballs while keeping your schedule looking neat and clean.  

One of the most popular dry-erase calendars available is the Quartet Combination Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar & Corkboard. It’s a great board from a trusted brand and comes complete with a refined calendar design for either at home or in the office use. 

What to know before you buy a dry-erase wall calendar 

Calendar template 

Most dry-erase wall calendars offer a simple, fill-in-the-date template. However, not all calendar templates are made equal. 

Some feature a template that includes a space for you to write the month at the top of the calendar as well as a box for the date. Calendars can come in traditional grid formats and break down each day of the week for you. 

When buying a dry-erase wall calendar, take the aesthetic and font into consideration too. For example, you may buy a more professional looking calendar for use in the office. And depending on the age of any children in the home, small fonts can be hard to read.


The size of your dry-erase wall calendar has a great impact on how you use the board. Most dry-erase wall calendars come in a few different sizes, so choose the size that works best for you and your space. If you plan on sharing the board with a family or a team, opt for a larger size. 

Some larger options come in quarterly calendar formats. These display multiple months at a time, which is great for keeping an eye on long-term events or schedules.

Border and aesthetic 

It’s important to find a dry-erase calendar that matches the aesthetic of your space, whether it be a kitchen or an office. Most dry-erase wall calendars come with a border made from either wood or metal. Choose whichever you think will work best in your space.

Dry-erase calendars look great when you use a variety of colored dry erase markers, especially if you are sharing the board or managing multiple schedules.  

What to look for in a quality dry-erase wall calendar 

Easy to clean and organize  

Before buying a dry-erase wall calendar, make sure that the whiteboard is of good quality and that it can be cleaned easily. The best way to check this is to read reviews and opt for trusted brands. You can’t necessarily clean all whiteboards or dry-erase wall calendars with a normal whiteboard cleaner, so be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. 

Mounting options

If you plan to mount your wall calendar in your space, it’s crucial to know how you plan to hang your dry-erase board. There are multiple ways to mount it, from magnets to sticky tape to Command hooks. Double-check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to mount your calendar before you make a purchase.

Extra features 

Some dry- erase wall calendars come with added space for memos or notes or an additional corkboard for pinning important documents and ideas. Some even have a flipside that is just a blank whiteboard. If any of these extra features seem appealing to you, consider buying a dry-erase wall calendar that will meet all of your needs. 

How much you can expect to spend on a dry-erase wall calendar 

Dry-erase wall calendars can range $20-$40 depending on the size and quality of the board.

Dry-erase wall calendar FAQ

What can you use a dry-erase wall calendar for? 

A. Dry-erase wall calendars are great for managing personal schedules, families schedules or teams of coworkers. They are particularly good for keeping track of multiple people in a central location. 

What type of dry-erase marker should you use with your calendar? 

A. This is ultimately up to you, but the best option would be to use fine-tipped dry-erase markers, especially if you have a smaller dry-erase wall calendar. 

What’s the best dry-erase wall calendar to buy?

Top dry-erase wall calendar

Quartet Combination Magnetic Whiteboard

Quartet Combination Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar & Corkboard

What you need to know: This wall calendar is from Quartet, a trusted name in whiteboards. It’s a great option for use in the office, thanks to its sleek design and clear font. 

What you’ll love: Much more than just a calendar, this wall calendar comes with a built-in corkboard and a place to write memos or notes. 

What you should consider: The calendar comes with self-stick tape for an easy mounting experience, although you may want to buy something more sturdy to mount your calendar. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top dry-erase wall calendar for the money

U Brands Magnetic Monthly Calendar Dry Erase Board

U Brands Magnetic Monthly Calendar Dry Erase Board 

What you need to know: This wall calendar from U Brands comes at a bargain price without cutting corners on design.

What you’ll love: The calendar includes a memo section for writing notes or to-do lists. It comes with a marker and a magnet. 

What you should consider: The spaces in the calendar are on the smaller side. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Clever Clean Jumbo Dry Erase Wall Calendar

Clever Clean Jumbo Dry Erase Wall Calendar 

What you need to know: This large, quarterly calendar from Clever Clean is a great option for use in the office or classroom, thanks to its multi-month design. 

What you’ll love: The size of this wall calendar is the main attraction. You will have plenty of space to organize, and each month comes with its own memo section. 

What you should consider: This wall calendar works only as a three-month planner.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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