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Which American Girl accessories are best?

Besides having over a dozen active dolls in their current collection, American Girl also manufactures a wide variety of accessories, and they’re not just for dolls.

American Girl’s accessory line includes activity kits, doll furniture, mini toys, and doll carriers. Some accessories are designed after significant elements in the doll’s story. Other accessories feature engaging activities, like jewelry making or t-shirt design. No matter which type of American Girl accessory you choose, rest assured you’re purchasing a well-made item that will withstand the test of time.

If you’re wondering which American Girl accessory you should choose, read our buying guide. We’re sharing an overview of popular categories, plus we’re including a few recommendations at the end. Our favorite, the American Girl Ultimate Crafting Kit, comes with more than 1,000 pieces that create nearly a dozen projects.

Considerations when choosing American Girl accessories

Age range

American Girl has broad appeal, though dolls and accessories are usually intended for ages eight and older. While doll clothes and accessories are designed for this age range, some activity kits with small pieces, like beads or art supplies, can be enjoyed for kids ages eight to 15.


American Girl accessories can be separated into two groups: character-specific or general play. Character-specific play refers to playing with American Girl accessories specific to a doll’s story or world. Some kids prefer this type of play, especially if they take pride in collecting the doll’s entire catalog of accessories.

General play refers to playing with any type of American Girl accessory, no matter which dolls kids have. This means that any clothes or accessories from Kendall’s WellieWishers collection can be enjoyed with other WellieWishers dolls, for example.

Popular categories of American Girl accessories


Outfits remain the most popular category of American Girl accessories. Outfits include doll clothes as well as outerwear, boots, socks, and even undergarments. Basic outfit sets just come with clothing pieces, though deluxe sets include a few accessories, like hair bows or sunglasses.

Mini toys

American Girl characters lead active lives that include pastimes, like surfing or drawing. For that reason, there’s quite an extensive category for mini toys, which are diminutive accessories inspired by items from the characters’ stories. These include diaries, play money, pinball machines, or plush pets.


Because American Girl dolls measure up to 18 inches tall, they don’t come with dollhouses like smaller dolls. Instead, kids can recreate the character’s world through signature furniture like bunk beds, writing desks, or lockers. Doll vehicles are also grouped into this category.

Activity kits

Unlike other American Girl accessories, activity kits exist outside the characters’ stories. These mostly include arts and crafts kits for scrapbooking, jewelry making, or fashion designing. Most projects feature life-size projects that kids can enjoy, but some kits include mini-projects to create doll accessories.

American Girl accessories price

Entry-level American Girl accessories are priced at $20-$50 and include outfit sets and smaller doll accessories. Deluxe outfit sets and larger accessories, including some furniture pieces, cost $50-$150. Larger accessories, such as elaborate wooden furniture, cost $300 and above.

American Girl accessories FAQ

Q. What’s the best way to store doll clothes and other American Girl accessories?

A. Many American Girl doll enthusiasts recommend investing in a doll carrier, also referred to as a portable wardrobe. Not only do these have room to store the doll, they have drawers and cubbies to stow a wide variety of clothes and accessories.

Q. Is it okay to buy third-party accessories for an American Girl doll?

A. If you’re not concerned with collectability, then yes. In fact, third-party companies manufacture furniture, clothes, and other accessories outside the American Girl universe, which means it’s easy to find new, unique accessories.

American Girl accessories we recommend

Best of the best 

American Girl Ultimate Crafting Kit

American Girl Ultimate Crafting Kit

Our take: A well-rounded craft kit that makes jewelry and other tiny treasures for you and your doll.

What we like: Comes with 1,000 pieces and tools including string, beads, crochet needle, and a design guide. Instructions are very user-friendly. Easily makes a dozen creations.

What we dislike: Some projects are involved, so it’s better suited for ages eight and above.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best bang for your buck

American Girl Crafts Mini Memory Book Scrapbooking Kit

American Girl Crafts Mini Memory Book Scrapbooking Kit

Our take: Budding scrapbookers will appreciate this 266-piece set with plenty of colorful accessories.

What we like: Includes essential scrapbooking pieces like paper, sticker sheets, and adhesive embellishments. Can be used to make a mini memory book or to decorate an existing scrapbook or photo collage.

What we dislike: Scrapbook is doll-sized, so assembly requires some patience.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

American Girl WellieWishers Stargazing Sleeping Bag

American Girl WellieWishers Stargazing Sleeping Bag

Our take: An essential accessory for stargazing in the garden or camping with the doll.

What we like: Well-made sleeping bag with graphic light strings on the cover. Is perfect for a 14.5-inch doll. Cozy for kids to play with.

What we dislike: Fairly expensive.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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