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The best flower seeds for spring

Flowers come to mind when spring rolls around, and home gardeners can’t wait to fill their green spaces with colorful blooms. Growing flowers from seeds is one of the most rewarding ways to cultivate a flower garden, and spring is the best time of year to get started.

Half the fun of gardening with seeds is choosing your favorite flowers to grow. Shopping for flower seeds is just part of the process. Considering soil and weather conditions, regional gardening zones and care requirements will make your flower planting goals successful. You’ll then be able to watch tiny seeds blossom into healthy, lasting blooms that will cheer up your outdoor living area throughout the growing season.

Spring flower seed preparation

You may be excited to buy flower seeds and get them in the soil so growing can begin, but there are several vital steps to take to grow strong plants that produce hardy flowers.

Know your plant hardiness zone

Where you live will help determine which flower seeds will thrive in your region. The United States Department of Agriculture has created a plant hardiness zone map that helps gardeners understand which plants, including flowers, are best for their particular location.

The current map consists of 13 zones that are divided by 10-degree Fahrenheit temperature variations. The packaging of many flower seeds indicates which zones they grow best in, but you can also research your favorite flowers to determine if they are suitable for your zone.

Keep in mind that if you live in a zone where the weather stays cold long into the spring, you can get a jump-start on your flower garden by planting seeds indoors using pots and potting soil.

Flower seeds and soil

Flower seeds are more likely to sprout in soil that promotes germination. Soil that’s sandy, rocky or has poor drainage isn’t ideal for seeds. If seedlings do emerge, they may not grow to produce blooms without proper nutrients. Adding compost or pre-packaged garden soil to your flower garden will help with drainage and put nutrients back into the ground where seeds take root.

Flower seeds and sun

Before you choose flower seeds, think about where you will be planting them. While most flowers need several hours of sun to grow, not all need total exposure. Additionally, some flowers prefer shady areas. Check the seed descriptions for sun and shade requirements to be sure you buy seeds that will work in your area.

Flower seeds and tools

Gardening tools for working the soil, putting your seeds in the ground and keeping plants looking their best will make spring gardening a breeze. Here are some standard tools that will come in handy.

Annuals vs. perennials 

As the name suggests, annuals require planting each year, and although seeds from blooms may fall to the ground and sprout the next growing season, the plants themselves don’t return. On the other hand, perennials only need to be planted once and will continue to grow on their own each year without being replanted. Choosing between the two categories is a matter of preference and what works in your region.

Best flower seeds for spring

Sunflower Garden Grow Kit

Sunflower Garden Grow Kit

This unique seed kit will produce a garden full of sunny blooms with six different sunflower seed varieties. It includes seeds for both dwarf and giant varieties and comes nicely packaged for gift-giving. Sold by Uncommon Goods

AeroGarden Cascading Petunia Seed Pod Kit

AeroGarden Cascading Petunia Seed Pod Kit

A comprehensive kit that comes with six pods containing petunia seeds and Miracle-Gro plant food. This kit is an excellent choice for growing flowers indoors. 

Sold by Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon

Tacklife 6-piece garden tool set

Tacklife 6-Piece Garden Tool Set

This garden tool set comes with the items you’ll need to prepare soil and plant seeds. You’ll get two trowels, a weeder, a soil scoop, a cultivator and pruning shears, plus a handy tote to keep them organized. Sold by Amazon.

Seeded paper flower bouquet

Seeded Paper Flower Bouquet

This pretty bouquet makes an excellent gift for garden enthusiasts and is an exciting way to cultivate seeds. It’s packed with brightly-colored paper flowers infused with seven different seed varieties that include annuals and perennials. Sold by 1-800-Flowers


Seed Needs Texas Bluebonnet seeds

Seed Needs Texas Bluebonnet Seeds

Bluebonnet seeds provide 1,000 per pack and grow flowers that are hardy and produce bright, blue flowers. They are ideal for attracting hummingbirds and pollinating bees. Sold by Amazon

ZellajakeFarmGarden Birds Butterflies and Bees Wildflower Seed Mix

ZellajakeFarmGarden Birds, Butterflies, and Bees Wildflower Seed Mix

These seeds are great for beginners, as they are affordable and include a variety of 11 annuals and three perennials. Favorites like cosmos, black-eyed Susans and poppies will brighten up any garden space. Sold by Etsy. 

Seeds2Go Orange California Poppy Seeds

Seeds2Go Orange California Poppy Seeds

California poppies like these orange beauties thrive in sunny conditions. Approximately 20,000 seeds come in a resealable bag to keep them fresh for repeat planting.

Sold by Amazon

Seed Needs Wildflower Mixture

Seed Needs Wildflower Mixture

We love that this mixture contains more than 30,000 wildflower seeds that sprout blooms that attract butterflies, birds and bees. It includes 23 varieties. Sold by Amazon.

Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Garden Soil

Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Garden Soil for Flowers

Adding Miracle-Gro’s garden soil formulated especially for flowers will help your flowers stay healthy and produce gorgeous blooms. It protects delicate flower roots by allowing just the right amount of water to reach them. Sold by Home Depot.

Black Duck Brand Flower Seed Packets

Black Duck Brand Set of 50 Flower Seed Packets

Great for planting a garden full of different seeds, as this set includes 50 seed packets and at least 15 varieties. Packets are sealed to maintain freshness until you are ready to plant them.

Sold by Amazon.

UnderTheSunSeeds Felicia Blues Blue Daisy Seeds.jpg

UnderTheSunSeeds Felicia Blues Blue Daisy Seeds

The unique blue daisy flowers that bloom from these seeds are sure to turn heads. Fans love how fast they grow and how vibrant the blooms are throughout the season.

Sold by Etsy.

Seed Needs Bulk Sunflower Seeds

Seed Needs Bulk Sunflower Seeds

This bulk pack contains 1,000 sunflower seeds with 15 varieties. Blooms have bold colors, and some even have multiple hues. Sold by Amazon


Burpee Morning Glory Heavenly Blue

Burpee Morning Glory Heavenly Blue

Plant morning glories in the spring, and you’ll be greeted in the morning with delightful flowers all summer long. These seeds grow to produce bright blue blooms, a favorite color of those who love this vining flower. Sold by Home Depot and Amazon.

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