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Which Brita water filter pitchers are best?

Since nearly all of your body’s major systems depend on water to function, drinking the proper amount of water is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your overall health. Unfortunately, many people do not like the flavor or trust that the water coming out of their tap is clean so they purchase bottled water.

A much better alternative is to simply filter tap water through a trusted system. Brita has been filtering water for over 50 years. The best Brita pitcher will hold enough water for your needs and still fit in the refrigerator if you prefer your filtered water to be cold. The Brita 10-Cup Standard Everyday Pitcher, for example, is a large-capacity pitcher that is capable of holding 10 cups of filtered water.  

What to know before you buy a Brita water filter pitcher

Why do I need to filter my water?

According to the CDC, the “United States has one of the safest water supplies in the world.” However, that does not mean that water contamination can never occur. Tap water can be contaminated by sewage releases, naturally occurring chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides, malfunctions and more. Additionally, many people simply prefer the taste of filtered water. If you want an added layer of safety or you prefer the taste, you may benefit from filtering your water through a Brita pitcher.

How does a Brita pitcher filter water?

In most models, when you fill a Brita water pitcher, the water starts in an upper reservoir and trickles through a filter to fill the pouring reservoir. The Standard Brita filter uses a mesh screen and activated carbon to filter the water and reduce undesirable odors and tastes. The Standard filters also feature an Ion Exchange Resin that captures copper, zinc and cadmium.

The company’s Longlast+ filters have additional pleated material that can help reduce contaminants such as lead, asbestos and cadmium. Alternatively, Brita has a stream filter that filters water as you pour it into your glass, which means you can fill the pitcher much more quickly, but filling your glass takes a little longer.

What to look for in a quality Brita water filter pitcher

Cup capacity

If you drink a lot of water, you are probably going to want a pitcher with a larger capacity. If the model you are considering only holds five cups of water and you like your water cold, you may find yourself refilling the pitcher before the water even has a chance to get cold.

Pitcher size

While Brita does an excellent job of making pitchers that fit in a refrigerator so the water can stay cold and refreshing, not all refrigerators are the same size. Measure the shelf height inside your refrigerator and check the dimensions on the Brita pitcher you are considering to make sure it will fit inside your refrigerator.

Electronic filter tracker

To help remind you when it is time to change the filter on your Brita pitcher, most models now come with a filter tracker. This handy little device is built into the lid of your Brita pitcher to keep track of how many times your pitcher is filled up. When it is time to replace the filter, the tracker will let you know. If your tracker runs out of power, your water will still be filtered, you just have to manually keep track of when it is time to change the filter.

How much you can expect to spend on a Brita water filter pitcher

The general price range of Brita pitchers is $15-$45. 

Brita water filter pitcher FAQ

How much water should I drink each day?

A. According to the Mayo Clinic, men need to drink roughly 99 ounces of water each day and women need to drink roughly 74 ounces of water each day. These numbers, however, are estimates and can vary depending on the amount of exercise you do, your environment and your health. One of the best ways to tell if you’re getting enough water is to simply pay attention to your urine color – if it is clear or light yellow, you are probably properly hydrated.

Do I need to clean my Brita water filter pitcher?

A. Yes, you need to clean your Brita pitcher. While Brita doesn’t specify how often you should clean your pitcher — the manual only recommends that you clean your pitcher “periodically” — every two months is a good frequency as this can be done whenever you change standard filters. To clean your Brita pitcher, disassemble the pieces and wash each one by hand using mild dish detergent and a nonabrasive sponge. When finished, rinse thoroughly and allow to fully dry before reassembling.

Can I leave my Brita out on the counter?

A. Yes. If you prefer your water to be at room temperature, it is fine to leave the pitcher out on your counter. Just remember to completely empty the pitcher every few days and refill to ensure that you are drinking fresh water.

What’s the best Brita water filter pitcher to buy?

Top Brita water filter pitcher

BRITA 10-Cup Standard Everyday Pitcher 

Brita 10-Cup Standard Everyday Pitcher 

What you need to know: This is the standard Brita water-filtering pitcher that is large enough to hold 10 cups of water.

What you’ll love: This Brita pitcher is designed to fit on a refrigerator shelf so you can easily keep your water cool. It is compatible with both the Longlast+ and Standard water filters, has a locking lid to reduce spills and is easy to pour.

What you should consider: Some users found this model tricky to disassemble for cleaning.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Brita water filter pitcher for the money

BRITA 10-Cup Stream Rapids Pitcher

Brita 10-Cup Stream Rapids Pitcher

What you need to know: This Brita option is unique in that it filters water as you pour rather than as you fill the pitcher.

What you’ll love: Like other larger models, care has been taken to ensure this Brita pitcher still fits in most refrigerators. This model features an indicator light that helps you keep track of when to change the filter.

What you should consider: Since this model filters as it pours, it can take a little longer to fill up your glass.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond

Worth checking out

BRITA 6-Cup Amalfi Pitcher

Brita 6-Cup Amalfi Pitcher

What you need to know: If you are searching for a smaller option due to your refrigerator’s size or other factors, this 6-cup model is a good choice.

What you’ll love: This model features a convenient space-saving design, making it lightweight, but still ruggedly built. The large handle is ergonomically designed and offers easy pouring.

What you should consider: Some owners had issues with the lid leaking, but only if you accidentally tipped the pitcher backward.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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