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Are Breville or Omega juicers better?

Without a doubt, fresh juice is one of the healthiest beverages you can drink. It’s chock full of vitamins and nutrients the body needs, plus it has the added benefit of being delicious. Having a juicer at home also allows you to create a myriad of flavor combinations.

Breville and Omega are two of the top manufacturers of juicers. They both offer several models to choose from, but Breville is best known for its centrifugal models in attractive stainless steel designs. Omega takes a more practical approach to aesthetics and is known for its slow masticating juicers. Keep on reading for a more detailed comparison. 

Breville juicers

Breville is a trusted Australian brand that has a history of making quality products. Most of their juicers have a distinctive stainless steel exterior that allows them to fit in well with modern kitchen decor. Depending on the model you choose and its features, you can expect to spend $100-$400 on a Breville juicer.

What you’ll love about a Breville juicer

Without a doubt, Breville makes some of the most attractive appliances. They put just as much thought into aesthetics as performance. Unlike models from some other companies, most people will be happy to leave their Breville juicer on the counter as a permanent kitchen fixture. 

Breville models also tend to be easy to disassemble. Most of their components are dishwasher safe, eliminating one of the main hassles with other companies’ juicers. 

What you should consider before buying a Breville juicer

Most of Breville’s juicers are of the centrifugal variety. These spin very quickly to chop and rapidly extract the juice. They are very effective on hard, thick fruits and vegetables but not ideal for leafy greens. 

Breville also sells a masticating juicer called the Big Squeeze. This model takes longer to produce a full glass of juice but breaks down food fibers more thoroughly. It also creates less heat, resulting in a greater yield and less destruction and oxidation of vitamins and nutrients.

For those looking only to juice lemons, limes and similar fruit, Breville sells a motorized citrus press.   

The chute size of a juicer is an essential element of any juicer, being that the chute is where you insert your ingredients. Most Breville juicers have a large chute that allows you to add many fruits and veggies without chopping them, helping to cut down on prep time.

The catch jug on Breville juicers ranges from 25-70 ounces. If you’re juicing for a whole family, choosing a model that includes a large jug is a smart choice. 

Best Breville centrifugal juicer

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite

With a powerful 1,000-watt motor, two speed settings and a large 3-inch wide chute, the 800JEXL makes short work of all kinds of fruits and veggies. Plus, the 3.2-quart pulp container lets you make big batches without stopping.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best Breville slow juicer

Breville BJS700SIL Big Squeeze

Breville BJS700SIL Big Squeeze

This slow-speed model efficiently extracts all the nutrients out of leafy greens, wheatgrass and other hard-to-juice ingredients. It offers quiet operation and features forward and reverse settings to clear out clogs quickly. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Omega juicers

Omega is a respected brand in consumer and commercial juicers. They manufacture the majority of their appliances in South Korea, offer USA-based customer service and have one of the widest ranges of juicer models of any company, boasting 16 options from which to choose.

What you’ll love about Omega juicers

Omega juicers are workhorses, which is why they are common in commercial kitchens. They can stand up to high-volume use, day after day, for years. In addition to offering reliability, they offer versatility. Many Omega juicers can make various nut butters and kinds of milk, baby food, fresh pasta and even frozen desserts.

What you should consider before buying an Omega juicer

As with Breville, Omega also sells centrifugal and slow-speed masticating models. However, they also offer triturating juicers. The two gears inside of triturating juicers rotate and crush produce between them. This high-yielding method leaves behind the dehydrated pulp. Triturating juicers are faster than masticating machines but slower than centrifugal options.  

The biggest complaint about many masticating models is their typically horizontal designs, which take up more countertop space. Those with limited space will be happy to know that Omega sells three slow-speed vertical models that utilize a masticating action. These are sometimes not as effective on tough produce and leafy greens as the company’s horizontal models, so if you often juice wheatgrass and similar produce, they may not be the ideal choice. 

Juice extracted from fruits and veggies also leave behind pulp. This dry pulp usually builds up in the machine and, if making big batches, needs to be cleared out periodically through the juicing process. 

Some Omega models feature a pump ejection feature that automatically clears the pulp out for you. Not only does this make for more efficient operation, but it reduces the amount of pulp that ends up in the juice. 

Best horizontal Omega juicer

Omega NC900HDC Extractor

Omega NC900HDC Extractor

This powerful dual-stage masticating juicer can handle almost any kind of fruit or vegetable. You can also use it to make nut butter and milk, extrude pasta and grind spices and herbs.  

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best vertical Omega juicer

Omega VSJ843QS Slow Masticator

Omega VSJ843QS Slow Masticator

Spinning at just 43 RPM, the VSJ843QS preserves the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins in your produce. Equipped with a dual-edge augur, the juicer makes short work of wheatgrass and leafy greens, and its spout can be closed during juicing to prevent dripping.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Should you buy a Breville or Omega juicer?

The decision to buy a Breville or Omega juicer comes down to your personal preference for aesthetics and juicing methods. If you prefer a sleek, centrifugal juicer that looks great on a countertop, Breville is the brand for you. However, if you don’t mind a utilitarian appearance and want a masticating workhorse, Omega should be the best option.

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