Juices to make at home

If you’re bored with the same meal and snack routine, you might need a bit of inspiration to shake things up. Juicing is a delicious and nutritious way to get those recommended five to nine daily servings of produce. Homemade juice can be much tastier and fresher than the store-bought version. Plus, it’s healthier without those added sugars or preservatives. If you’re looking to stay healthy, maintain or lose weight or add some variety to your diet, juicing checks all those boxes.

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A healthier life

Need another reason to up your produce intake? A study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found those who took in five fruits and vegetables each day lived approximately three years longer than people who didn’t. Whatever your motivation, these juice recipes for different times of day are sure to please your palate.

Best juices to make at home in the morning

Orange juice

best orange squeezer by Drizom

You can’t go wrong with some orange juice first thing in the morning.

Grab four oranges and gently smack them against the counter to soften them for easier juicing. Cut each in half, squeeze the juice out, and pour into a glass to kick your morning off right. Prefer less pulp? Use a hand juicer with a strainer instead.

Green juice

best mueller austria juicer

Try some green juice for a punch of energy to start your day. This recipe is customizable to whatever you might have in the fridge and has ample vitamins and nutrients.

Grab two celery stalks, a couple of fistfuls of kale, spinach or romaine, a cucumber, a cored green apple, a carrot, a few mint leaves, and a dash of ginger. Blend everything up in a juicer, like this modern stainless steel model.

Citrus combo juice

best cuisinart pulp control citrus juicer

If you’re craving something a little different, why not shake things up with a citrus juice blend? It’s a great energy boost to start your day.

With a citrus juicer like this one that controls pulp level, you’re able to juice a peeled grapefruit, three carrots, a cored apple (you can do this quickly utilizing a corer) and half a peeled lemon. For an extra kick, throw in a pinch of ginger. Pour and enjoy.

Apple-beet juice

This simple, cleansing juice packs some punch that arouses the senses.

Peel, seed and quarter two lemons, chop two carrots and two beets and quarter two apples. It’s best to leave the carrot peel and apple skin, which provides the most nutrients and fiber. Press everything through a juicer and pour it into your favorite glass.

Best juices to make at home in the evening

Papaya juice

Papaya is high in antioxidants and helps with digestion and inflammation. This type of juice is ideal for the evening when you’re more sedentary, allowing its benefits to linger and stay with you.

First, peel and seed green papaya along with a green apple and a cucumber. Juice these together, and then throw in a bit of mint, honey and cinnamon to taste. If you’re not drinking this right away or are making extra, be sure to seal it in an airtight container.

Pineapple juice

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Pineapple juice aids in absorbing essential nutrients and reducing inflammation due to the digestive enzyme bromelain, which breaks down protein.

To start, put aside a brewed cup of chamomile tea (if you’re using loose leaf tea, check out this silicone strainer). In a juicer, blend a peeled pineapple with two fists of kale. Then, add a small head of lettuce with a handful of mint to the mix. Finally, toss in the tea and an ice cube.

Tomato juice

best tomato corer from Boao

For something a little less sweet but denser than other juice, try some tomato.

Core and roughly chop about three pounds of very ripe tomatoes. You can even use this neat tomato corer to save time. Chop up 1 cup of celery and half a cup of onion. Add to a stainless steel pot, along with a dash of salt, pepper and Tabasco sauce to taste. Simmer and cook uncovered for twenty five minutes, or until the liquid is soupy. Once done, pour through a sieve to remove the solid remnants.

Cherry juice

best priority chef potato ricer

If you have trouble sleeping, try cherry juice. Cherries contain tryptophan, an amino acid that helps relax and aid with sleep.

You can make cherry juice in various ways. An easy method if you have frozen cherries is with a potato ricer, like this one. Make sure the cherries have thawed first, then use a large enough bowl to fit the potato ricer, add a few layers of cherries and squeeze well.

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