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Secretlab has long been known for making some of the best racer-style gaming chairs on the market, but they have now turned their focus to another important piece of equipment — the gaming desk. Based on the quality of their chairs, it would be reasonable to expect that Secretlab’s new desk, the MAGNUS, would also be a contender for the top gaming desk, so I decided to put it to the test. 

Though the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk may not look like anything more than a high-quality desk at first glance, it quickly became apparent that it offers more than meets the eye. From its sturdy metal build to its discreet cable management system and striking-but-not-over-the-top RGB lightstrip, it boasts many smart design features that any gamer would appreciate.

What is the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk?

The MAGNUS is an attractive metal desk designed with gamers in mind. There are many things that make it stand apart from the average desk, and even from the average gaming desk. Right off the bat, I noticed that it had a sleek, modern aesthetic. The black-on-black color scheme features just a few hints of red to make it pop without feeling like it’s trying to become the centerpiece of a room and command all your attention.

The desktop has a faux leather surface that gives it a bit of elegance but is also durable enough to withstand plenty of use without looking worse for the wear. The subsurface and the rest of the frame are metal, so it feels nice and sturdy and doesn’t wobble or shake during intense gameplay. 

The optional programmable RGB lighting is subtle, designed to illuminate the wall and the front panel of the handy cable management system. This is a welcome deviation from many other models that focus the lighting toward you or upward, which can feel a bit too aggressive and in your face. Conveniently, the placement of the cable management system at the back of the desktop and its hinged cover eliminate the need to climb under the desk when messing with plugs and cables, which is often the case with other models.

How the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk works

The MAGNUS works much like any other desk, albeit with a few nifty features up its sleeve, namely an ecosystem of magnetic accessories to help you get the most from it. Its RGB lightstrip, desk mat and various other items available for purchase, such as the cable anchors and covers and headphones hanger, adhere to the desk magnetically. This means you can place them anywhere you want and even take them off if you prefer to move them to another spot in the future.

What you need to know before purchasing the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk 

Despite all of the MAGNUS’ great features, it isn’t without its share of drawbacks. It is notably expensive, and adding some of the various accessories makes it even pricier. It’s also extremely heavy, coming in at nearly 120 pounds. This makes it difficult for a single person to assemble or move it without help. Also, the hidden cable management system is a bit small and doesn’t have enough room to accommodate large power bricks. Those who like to place their gaming computer on top of the desk along with a large monitor may find it feels a bit cramped.

Where to buy the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk

Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk

The MAGNUS is currently only available from the company’s website,

Other products worth considering

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Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

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Sold by Amazon.


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