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What is the best kind of floating nightstand?

If you’re looking to update your bedroom decor, floating nightstands are an easy way to add a clean, contemporary aesthetic to your space. Rather than using legs to stay upright, they are fixed to the wall. And much like floating shelves, they are a great way to have some extra storage in your bedroom without taking up floor space.

Benefits of a floating nightstand

Having a floating nightstand instantly makes your floor easier to clean. Since it doesn’t sit on the ground, you won’t need to move your nightstand around to vacuum underneath it. A floating nightstand also lets you avoid indentations from furniture legs if you have carpet in the bedroom.

Floating nightstands are also a good solution for small living spaces. You can choose a simple floating shelf, for example, to minimize how much space your nightstand takes up. With more expansive floating nightstands, you can select one with extra shelves and storage compartments while still maintaining a sleek and minimalist look. 

What to consider before buying a floating nightstand

Floating nightstands come in a huge range of sizes and styles. Some things to consider include:

  • Material: Just like standard nightstands, you can choose a floating nightstand made from wood, acrylic, fiberboard and more. Higher-quality materials such as solid wood generally make a floating nightstand more expensive. 
  • Style: You can choose a clean, simple design or something more ornate. Shop around until you find something that suits the existing aesthetic of your bedroom.
  • Size: The size of your floating nightstand depends on your needs. If you like to keep lots of items close to your bed, you’ll need something that can hold it all. If not, you can choose something a lot sleeker and smaller.
  • Storage: Some nightstands can be as simple as a single floating shelf. But if you have lots of items to store or want to keep surfaces uncluttered, make sure you look for a floating nightstand with plenty of shelf and cabinet space.
  • Placement: When considering the size and dimensions of your floating cabinet, take a look at the height and placement of your bed. Where would you want the top of your floating nightstand to sit? Mark that spot and take some measurements to make sure you don’t buy a floating nightstand that is too big or bulky for your space.
  • DIY skills: There are plenty of floating nightstands available that are very simple to install. But if you’re not confident in your DIY skills, it’s best to let someone with the right skills install the nightstand for you.

Best floating nightstands to buy

Best Nathan James Jackson Wall-Mounted Floating Nightstand

Nathan James Jackson Wall-Mounted Floating Nightstand

This nightstand has a closed drawer for storage and a cord hole for cable management. It’s easy to assemble, and the walnut paper finish is perfect for rooms that have a modern design.

Sold by Amazon

Best Loft and Main Floating Nightstand

Loft and Main Floating Nightstand

This robust floating nightstand has a slim design, but can hold up to 33 pounds and is crafted for small spaces. The neatly designed drawer is great for putting your phone in overnight so that you can guarantee a great sleep.

Sold by Amazon

Best Sunnypoint Bedside Nightstand

Sunnypoint Bedside Nightstand

This nightstand is clamped onto the side of your bed and can hold up to 26 pounds, so it’s great for your morning coffee or evening book. Its reinforced clamp is easy to turn and requires little effort to set up.

Sold by Amazon

Best Adowes Floating Nightstand

Adowes Floating Nightstand

Geometrically designed to add style and polish to the decor of your bedroom, this nightstand is super strong. It can hold up to 50 pounds between the top surface and inner shelf and is made of 100% solid white wood.

Sold by Amazon

Best Kate and Laurel Kitt Floating Nightstand

Kate and Laurel Kitt Floating Nightstand

With no assembly required, this kit nightstand is ready to use and easy to hang. The wood construction has a sleek, modern design that works as a shelf, side table and nightstand.

Sold by Amazon

Best Middleton Row Floating Nightstand

Middleton Row Floating Nightstand

Chic and elegantly designed, this easy-to-install nightstand helps you utilize space and improves the elegance and efficiency of your room. It is made with real bamboo wood and contains a single pull-out drawer for storage.

Sold by Amazon

Best Zybt Small Rattan Nightstand

Zybt Small Rattan Nightstand

This nightstand is sturdy, durable and brings a stunning bohemian look to your bedroom with its 100% pine wood finish. It is strong, has a maximum load capacity of up to 55 pounds and comes pre-assembled.

Sold by Amazon

Best Wellland Floating Nightstand

Wellland Floating Nightstand

This nightstand is easy to mount and can hold up to 20 pounds. Use the two shelves to hold books and phones and more.

Sold by Amazon

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