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Which wireless backup cameras are best?

Backup cameras are now a legal requirement in all new cars manufactured after 2018. Beyond that, they are an absolute necessity for drivers. For older vehicles, adding a wireless backup camera can greatly improve safety and create better driving habits. Wireless backup cameras attach to the trunk of your car and communicate with a screen that’s placed on your dashboard. 

The best wireless backup camera is the Garmin BC30. This comprehensive device gives you full visibility behind your car and comes with a GPS system for easy navigation. 

What to know before you buy a wireless backup camera


Safety is the main reason why drivers install a wireless backup camera on their vehicles. There are around 150,000 accidents each year as a result of drivers backing up with no visibility. These accidents, unfortunately, result in around 200 deaths. These figures could be reduced if more drivers installed wireless backup cameras. Backup cameras eliminate blind spots and offer a full view of the rear of your car. They are especially important for trucks, vans, and RVs where rear visibility using your rear and side-view mirrors is more difficult.

Mounting system

There are a variety of mounting systems for wireless backup cameras. If you’re looking for a permanent solution and are confident in the longevity of your camera, you can drill a small hole in your car to screw the camera in place. Other, less intrusive cameras can be mounted to your license plate holder. 

There are even versions that are license plate holders, which is a great way to keep both your license plate and the camera secure. The monitors are mounted a lot like smartphone holders. They utilize suction cups or clips to mount to your dashboard. Check out the Best Reviews buying guide for the best wireless backup cameras

Radio frequency vs WiFi

The two main types of wireless backup cameras are WiFi and radio frequency. RF devices use analog signals to transfer information back and forth from the camera to the monitor. This is the most common type of transmission and where you’ll find the most variety of camera options. Keep in mind, RF signals can be interfered with by nearby radio waves. WiFi signals, on the other hand, are not subject to interference. However, they can lose connection just like any other digital device. WiFi devices either use your smartphone as a means of connection or a built-in WiFi signal within the camera itself. 

What to look for in a quality wireless backup camera

Parking grid

If you’ve driven a car made in the past few years, you’ll notice the backup camera includes a parking grid. These are digital lines that show up on your monitor and help guide you into a parking space. Parkings grids are a crucial part of any high-quality backup camera because they increase the overall safety of your driving. This feature helps protect those around you, as well as protect your vehicle from pesky shopping carts and other cars.

LED backup lights

All cars have reverse lights that help light the way while you’re backing up in the dark, but too much light can never hurt. After all, the whole point of a wireless backup camera is to be as safe as possible while driving. Some cameras include LED lights on either side of the lens to provide extra visibility. Some higher-quality wireless backup cameras even feature infrared lights that offer even clearer vision at night. 

Monitor size

Monitor size varies based on how big your car is. Meaning, if you’re buying a dual-camera system for your RV, it will likely come with a large 7-inch monitor so you can view both cameras on split-screen. Standard monitors usually come in 4.3 inches to 5-inch sizes. This gives you plenty of space to view a widescreen camera image so you’re not neglecting any objects that may be on either side of your vehicle. Be sure to keep an eye out for the image quality as well. Some manufacturers may list their camera as “high-definition” but only feature a 480p resolution. The standard resolution for a wireless backup camera is 720p.

How much you can expect to spend on a wireless backup camera

Wireless backup cameras cost between $98-$387.

Wireless backup camera FAQ

Are wired backup cameras better than wireless?

A. In some cases, wired backup cameras are better. Just like any other electronic device, a wired connection is far more stable and reliable. The trouble with wired backup cameras is the install process can be more intensive because a wire has to be run underneath the car.

Can weather affect my wireless backup camera?

A. Like most other wireless electronic devices, weather can interrupt their signal. Due to the short distance between the monitor and camera, it’s less likely rain or wind can affect the signal. That being said, wireless backup cameras can overheat or freeze due to extreme temperatures. 

What are the best wireless backup cameras to buy?

Top wireless backup camera

Garmin BC30 backup camera

Garmin BC30 backup camera

What you need to know: An excellent wireless camera that transmits up to 45 feet and has a wide viewing angle of 115-degrees. 

What you’ll love: Aside from its fantastic camera qualities, this backup camera comes with a GPS system that’ll help you easily navigate the streets and increase the safety of your travels. 

What you should consider: This camera is significantly more expensive than other models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top wireless backup camera for the money

Auto-Vox CS-2 wireless backup camera

Auto-Vox CS-2 wireless backup camera

What you need to know: An affordable wireless backup camera that includes enough basic features to increase your vehicle’s safety. 

What you’ll love: The Auto-Vox comes with a 110-degree wide-angle lens, waterproof protection, and a 4.3-inch monitor. It utilizes a digital signal, which won’t be interrupted by Bluetooth or other signals. 

What you should consider: This camera includes a 720p resolution monitor, which falls in the medium range of quality. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

LeeKooLuu F09 wireless backup camera

LeeKooLuu F09 wireless backup camera

What you need to know: A strong wireless backup camera built for trucks, vans and RVs due to its large 7 inch monitor and signal length of up to 40 feet. 

What you’ll love: With the extended monitor comes a crisp 1080p resolution image for better clarity while backing up. This backup camera also has an impressive 170 degree wide viewing angle.

What you should consider: This wireless backup camera can be difficult to install.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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