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Which brass floor lamps are best?

Floor lamps are an integral part of a well-lit home, but it’s more than just the light that makes an impression on a room’s aesthetics. The design of the pole, whether it uses a shade, how many lights it has and whether those lights are dimmable or able to have their color adjusted has a bigger effect than simply adding more light does. Brass floor lamps are even more eye-catching for their typically polished exterior and bright color.

What to know before you buy a brass floor lamp

Brass floor lamp types

There are four types of brass floor lamps:

  • Classic lamps essentially put a table lamp on a longer pole and make the light a bit brighter. They usually look like table lamps, too, shades and all.
  • Torchiere lamps direct light upward rather than downward like classic lamps. They typically use bowl-like heads to achieve this, which gives them a naturally modern look.
  • Adjustable lamps are just that, adjustable. Some have more points of adjustability than others but you should easily be able to change the direction of the light.
  • Tree lamps can be classic or torchiere, adjustable or not, as long as they have more than one light and those lights branch away from the others.

Smart device compatibility

Most brass floor lamps aren’t natively smart, as in they can’t connect to the internet, although most can be controlled if you connect a smart plug or smart lights to them. However, some lamps have features such as built-in dimming and color temperature changing that don’t pair well with smart devices. If you know you want to connect a smart device, it’s best to stick to lamps that just turn on and off.

How much you can expect to spend on a brass floor lamp

Basic lamps typically cost $20-$50, with better ones costing up to $150. The more stylish the lamp, the higher it can cost. Lamps from major fashion brands can cost thousands.

What are the best classic brass floor lamps to buy?

Best 360 Lighting Spenser Traditional Floor Lamp

360 Lighting Spenser Traditional Floor Lamp

This stately floor lamp is a good addition to modern homes with its simple but elegant pole and minimalist shade. The two bulbs can be individually powered to adjust your lighting needs.

Sold by Amazon

Best Luckook Floor Lamp

Luckook Floor Lamp

Another good modern lamp with a touch more youthfulness, thanks to its curved drop-down shade. The light’s warmth can be customized and a floor switch keeps the pole, shade and light looking clean.

Sold by Amazon

Best Regency Hill Montebello Traditional Floor Lamp

Regency Hill Montebello Traditional Floor Lamp

This lamp is the perfect intersection between rustic and modern, thanks to its shade and four bulbs in a candelabra-like placement. Plus, each bulb can be individually powered.

Sold by Amazon

What are the best torchiere brass floor lamps to buy?

Best Brightech Torchiere Floor Lamp

Brightech Torchiere Floor Lamp

This postmodern lamp uses built-in LED lights with three brightness settings, rated to last up to 20 years. The top plate can be tilted slightly to somewhat aim the light.

Sold by Amazon

Best Wampat Torchiere Floor Lamp

Wampat Torchiere Floor Lamp

This lamp’s planetary design uses three lights that can be controlled individually, including their brightness and color temperature. It also lets some light downward if you want a mix of classic and torchiere elements.

Sold by Amazon

What are the best adjustable brass floor lamps to buy?

Best Lepower Adjustable Floor Lamp

Lepower Adjustable Floor Lamp

This lamp is adjustable at four points, making it perfect for stashing near workspaces or between chairs in a reading nook. Special slots in the head help dissipate heat to extend the life of your lightbulbs.

Sold by Amazon

Best 360 Lighting Adjustable Floor Lamp

360 Lighting Adjustable Floor Lamp

The openness of this lamp goes well with equally open places such as large living rooms, helping fill the space without making it seem packed. Its adjustability makes it particularly well placed between chairs so it can cover one without disturbing the other.

Sold by Amazon

Best OBright Adjustable Floor Lamp

O’Bright Adjustable Floor Lamp

This lamp is a refreshing callback to the art deco designs of the early 20th century. The two-point swivel arms make it easy to position and the head can be tilted to either classic or torchiere orientation.

Sold by Amazon

What are the best tree brass floor lamps to buy?

Best Hsyile Tree Floor Lamp

Hsyile Tree Floor Lamp

The simplicity of this lamp combined with the pointed and adjustable  direction of the lights makes this a good choice for adding some brightness to that dark corner in your room.

Sold by Amazon

Best Brightech Tree Floor Lamp

Brightech Tree Floor Lamp

This post-modern lamp stretches the definition of “tree” but makes a major artistic statement that’s impossible to ignore. You can maneuver each branch individually and the lights are dimmable.

Sold by Amazon

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