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Which ‘Frozen’ poster is best?

The “Frozen” films are one of Disney’s most popular franchises. The two movies have led to several short films, a Broadway musical, a theme-park ride and plenty of merchandise. That includes “Frozen” posters for fans of all ages to decorate their rooms with their favorite characters. Whether shopping for yourself or your kids, there’s a “Frozen” poster that brings a little bit of Arendelle into your home, such as the Trends International Frozen 2 Key Art Poster.

What to know before you buy a ‘Frozen’ poster

Licensed products

Posters are among the easiest items for vendors to counterfeit, which makes it harder for fans to tell when they’re buying a genuine item. Many items listed as posters are, in fact, just movie images that people have copied and enlarged to poster size for sale. Be sure to read the entire product description before purchasing to make sure your “Frozen” poster comes from a known retailer and is listed as an official poster. You can also search the retailer’s name to confirm that it is a reputable company.

Posters vs. poster prints

One of the most confusing things about buying movie posters is the terminology. There are posters and poster prints. A poster is regular poster size — 27 inches wide by 40 inches tall or similar — while a poster print can be a wide variety of sizes. There may also be differences in paper type and print quality. Poster prints are great for people who want options, but those who want genuine “Frozen” posters should avoid anything labeled as such.

Framed vs. unframed

The majority of “Frozen” posters come unframed, which means they’ll be shipped to you rolled in a poster tube and can be displayed by hanging them up with tape. Fans who want to frame their poster will have to purchase a frame separately. A limited number of retailers may also offer the option to buy a framed poster at an additional cost.

What to look for in a quality ‘Frozen’ posters

Print quality

Image quality is the most important aspect of any poster. Fans deserve an image that is clear, not sloppy or off-centered, and covers the full dimensions of the poster. Look closely at the available product images to check the quality of any “Frozen” poster. Are the details, such as the characters’ faces, clear enough to be identified? Does the image cover the entire poster, or are there blank spaces or a blank border? Do the colors match what is seen in the “Frozen” films? Make sure you’re happy with the image before purchasing.

Prominent characters 

Fans pick out “Frozen” posters because they love the characters, so the characters should be front and center on any poster. Some designs may look interesting but have the characters displayed smaller or in the background. Some designs only feature one or two of the main characters from the “Frozen” films and might leave off your favorite. The best “Frozen” poster will have the characters you want and make them the stars of the artwork.

Reasonable size

When purchasing a poster, it should be actually poster sized. The dimensions of a poster are important to make sure it fits in the room where you plan to display it. Posters that are too small may be inauthentic or, if genuine, may not have the same visual impact as a full-size poster. There are also “door posters” that are intended to cover a door instead of being hung on a wall. It’s worth measuring the dimensions of where the poster will go to make sure it will fit before ordering.

How much you can expect to spend on a ‘Frozen’ poster

The average “Frozen” poster retails for $8-$10 unframed. Framed posters can cost $20-$40.

‘Frozen’ poster FAQ

Are ‘Frozen’ posters the same as in movie theaters?

A. The “Frozen” posters available for sale are typically not the exact ones fans will have seen displayed in movie theaters. Companies are licensed to take that same poster art and make copies for retail sale. Retail posters may have the same designs as a theater poster, but they do not include any of the movie credits. There’s not much different otherwise, so fans should feel confident buying a poster online.

Are there original ‘Frozen’ posters?

A. Yes. Frozen is such a popular brand that Disney has licensed original posters with unique designs. If the movie theater posters didn’t quite appeal to you, fans can search and purchase other posters that feature the “Frozen” characters but are still officially licensed. The important note when purchasing an original design is to read the product description and make sure it’s an officially approved Disney product.

What’s the best ‘Frozen’ poster to buy?

Top ‘Frozen’ poster

Trends International Frozen 2 Key Art Poster

Trends International Frozen 2 Key Art Poster

What you need to know: This “Frozen” poster replicates the art from the “Frozen 2” movie-theater posters in a bold and eye-catching home version.

What you’ll love: The poster features all five of the “Frozen” main characters, including Kristoff and his reindeer Sven. The characters are all featured front and center and given a large part of the poster. The dark blue background makes the poster particularly striking.

What you should consider: The dark colors on this poster may not match well with every “Frozen” fan’s room.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top ‘Frozen’ poster for the money

Trends International Frozen 2 Duo Poster

Trends International Frozen 2 Duo Poster

What you need to know: “Frozen” fans who love Elsa and Anna can get them together on this poster that focuses on the adventuring sisters.

What you’ll love: The poster has great likenesses of both Anna and Elsa. The two characters fill the majority of the poster. The light blue background makes the characters stand out even further, and the overall light color scheme brightens up any room.

What you should consider: The lower quarter of this poster is all white space except for the “Frozen 2” title. The background is not as detailed as other posters.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Trends International Frozen 2 One Sheet Poster

Trends International Frozen 2 One Sheet Poster

What you need to know: This “Frozen” poster captures the adventure and mystery of the sequel with excellent background detail.

What you’ll love: The design has more atmosphere than many other “Frozen” posters. It’s full of great detailing, such as the fog in the forest and individual leaves identifiable on the ground. The background creates a full world around the characters.

What you should consider: The characters are smaller on this poster than other options. Anna and Elsa are the only characters included on the poster.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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