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Combine form and function with stylish bookends


You’ve carefully curated your book collection, but before you take a “shelfie,” complete the look with stylish bookends. Bookends combine form and function: They’re designed to support the end of a row of books while adding a decorative element.

The best bookends are made from heavy materials to support your weightiest tomes. Some are designed to use the weight of the books themselves to stay upright. There are plenty of cute styles that’ll keep your bookshelves tidy and organized.


There are two types of bookends. The first relies on their weight and size to prevent books from toppling them over. These bookends are made of heavy materials, such as stone or wood, and have substantial heft and height to keep from toppling over.

The second type of bookend, typically made of metal or plastic, is lighter and utilizes the weight of the books to keep everything upright. They feature an L-shaped design with a non-slip base that slides under a portion of the row.

Single vs. pair

Bookends are sold in pairs or alone. Consider a single bookend, if one end of your row of books is propped up against a bookshelf edge or wall. If your book collection is stored on a shelf without vertical edges or placed on a counter or tabletop, you can use a pair of bookends positioned on either side.


The chicest styles of bookends are made from the following materials:

  • Agate stone: Also known as geodes, agate stones are volcanic rocks that are cut in a cross-section. The outer layer looks like a regular rock while the interior layer is polished and dyed to reveal colorful layers of crystals.
  • Marble: A classic and sleek, marble is a heavy stone that is polished and offers a light-colored neutral appearance that goes with any decor. Marble mixed with wooden or brass accents adds an element of farmhouse or boho style.
  • Wood: Heavier woods with natural finishes look chic on bookshelves, especially in minimalist wedge styles. Wooden bookends are sturdy and match most decor. This style is rustic but also fits in with minimalist decor.
  • Metal: Steel is used in standard L-shaped bookends, ubiquitous in libraries. They’re low-cost and offer reliable support and a utilitarian appeal. Cast iron, a heavier material, is used in decorative metal bookends with geometric designs or animal shapes.
  • Plastic: Clear acrylic is a cool, sleek and inexpensive material used in select L-shaped bookends. The clear bookend will showcase the cover of the book at the row’s end.

Best stylish bookends

best Shikaman Decorative Metal Bookends

Shikaman Decorative Metal Bookends

These budget-friendly bookends offer a charming twist on the standard metal L-shaped bookends with their text design spelling out “book” on each end. The pair comes in four colors, so you can match your decor.

Sold by Amazon

best Mercer41 Agate Non-Skid Bookends, Set of 2

Mercer41 Agate Non-Skid Bookends, Set of 2

Cut from volcanic stone, this pair of agate bookends reveal mesmerizing crystalline layers dyed in earthy green. They’re heavy enough to hold up a cookbook. Pretty to look at, they can also be used as standalone decor or as a paperweight.

Sold by Wayfair

best Main + Mesa Geometric Marble Bookends with Brass Inlay

Main + Mesa Geometric Marble Bookends with Brass Inlay

A chic-looking combo of white marble and brass, these hefty wedge bookends can handle your biggest hardcover collection. They can be positioned vertically or horizontally and angled to reveal the brass accent or hide it.

Sold by Amazon

best Geomod Geometric Gold Honeycomb Bookends

Geomod Geometric Gold Honeycomb Bookends

This pretty set of metal L-shaped bookends features a sweet honeycomb design. They come in seven colors, including bright gold. Because they are lightweight, they’re ideal for your paperback collection.

Sold by Amazon

best Sriwatana Decorative Metal Bookends

Sriwatana Decorative Metal Bookends

This abstract geometric design comes in heavy-duty black metal. The felt base won’t slip or scratch up your bookshelf. They’re sturdy and functional while looking modern and classy.

Sold by Amazon

best Jekkis 8-Piece Clear Bookends

Jekkis 8-Piece Clear Bookends

This value pack of eight clear acrylic bookends are great for organizing the home library. The invisible design is sturdy but lightweight but not recommended for heavy or hardcover books.

Sold by Amazon

best Union Rustic White Marble Bookends with Wood Details

Union Rustic White Marble Bookends with Wood Details

These curved marble bookends have a wooden stripe and blend well with minimalist, boho, modern, traditional, and coastal-inspired decor. These beautiful bookends are heavy enough to hold a 36-inch row of books of all sizes.

Sold by Wayfair

best Corrigan Studio Geometric Bookends, Set of 2

Corrigan Studio Geometric Bookends, Set of 2

These wooden bookends are geometrically shaped from a solid tree stump. They’re substantial and sturdy without taking up too much shelf space. The natural finish looks rustic, perfect for modern farmhouse decor.

Sold by Wayfair

best Ambipolar Geometric Bookends

Ambipolar Geometric Bookends

These geometric, gold bookends are made of weighted cast iron and feature a hollow opening that can double as a holder for pens or dried flowers. They come with anti-slip stickers that you can place where needed.

Sold by Amazon

best Amoystone Agate Bookends

Amoystone Agate Bookends

For the crystal lover, these geode bookends come in different colors and weights. Some people color-coordinate their book collections with these vibrant agate stones. If you have larger books to prop, the 6-8 pound option will do the trick.

Sold by Amazon

best Carchistan Hand Bookends

Carchistan Hand Bookends

These cool, hand bookends are decorative without taking too much attention away from your paperback collection. The black matte finish has a modern look. These unique bookends will garner a lot of compliments.

Sold by Amazon

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