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Which LG UHD TV is best?

Korean electronics manufacturer LG is perhaps best known for its high-quality TVs, but there are four distinct business units. In addition to TVs under the home entertainment division, it also produces mobile communication devices, home appliances and vehicle components.

The internal panels are all made by LG Display, the world’s largest display company by revenue, and it’s also the second-largest TV maker after Samsung. So while it has other divisions, UHD TVs are certainly the core focus. An excellent choice is the LG NanoCell 65-Inch 4K Smart TV.

What to know before you buy an LG UHD TV

UHD is anything 4K and larger

Technology terms can quickly get confusing, especially when terminology implies the same thing. HD stands for high definition, and ultra high definition is one step up. Manufacturers sometimes use UHD and 4K in the same breath, but it’s essentially the same. To market a TV as UHD or 4K, two specific conditions must be met.

  • It has a display ratio of 16:9 or wider.
  • The TV has at least one digital input with a minimum resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels.

To carry the UHD Alliance sticker, the TV must also meet certain specifications for bit depth, color gamut and high dynamic range. UHD has four times as many pixels as 1920 by 1080 HD resolution. With the visuals taken care of, add an LG soundbar to your setup for a cinematic experience.

Display technology

LG makes several UHD TVs with different display technology. Considering your viewing habits and the TV’s location will help you decide which display is better suited.

  • NanoCell. TVs that use LG’s proprietary technology have vivid colors and higher contrasts. An additional layer of nanoparticles sits behind the panel and helps to fill out duller color tones.
  • OLED. Organic light-emitting diodes are similar to LEDs, but they require less backlighting space and use self-lit pixels. This means the television’s frame can be extremely thin while producing crystal-clear visuals.
  • LED is an older technology, but still very proficient in delivering quality visuals. Each pixel on the display is an LED, which assists in an even spread of illumination for a sharper picture.

Size and budget

UHD TVs come in different measurements (the indicated measurement is diagonally from corner to corner) and unfortunately, the price increases as the display gets bigger. Consider your budget, keeping in mind that you should expect to pay $500 or more. Find a model that fits into your finances, even if it means going one measurement smaller.

What to look for in a quality LG UHD TV

Variety of input connections

A good-quality UHD TV has a variety of inputs so that you can keep all your devices connected. A few HDMI ports are a must, and it’s always great if there are some USB ports, too. If you want to connect any wireless gadgets, check that the TV has Bluetooth capabilities. A Smart TV will also have an Ethernet port or a wireless receiver.

Wall mountable

A TV looks much better when mounted on a wall than when it is on a stand. There is also an increased risk of the TV falling over if it’s of considerable size. Most LG TVs are compatible with the universal VESA mounting specifications, so you can buy the correct size bracket from any brand. 

A high refresh rate

Fast-moving objects can often seem blurry on a TV. That’s because the frame rate is lower than the content, creating a ghosting effect. A good-quality LG TV has a refresh rate of 120 hertz or higher. It indicates how quickly each pixel can change color, creating a solid image of the moving object. 

How much you can expect to spend on an LG UHD TV

That depends on the size of the display and the additional functions. A modest LG 43-inch Smart TV costs $400-$500, but a larger model with the latest display technology costs $700-$1,000.


What is FreeSync or G-Sync compatibility?

A. The two terms refer to the TV’s compatibility with gaming platforms that use the same technology. Nvidia’s G-Sync and AMD’s FreeSync help to eliminate stuttering and display glitches due to lower refresh rates.

What is the Magic Remote?

A. This remote comes with certain Smart TV models and has dedicated buttons for browsing the web, controlling other LG devices and uses speech recognition for voice-activated functions.

What’s the best LG UHD TV to buy?


LG NanoCell 65-Inch 4K Smart TV

LG NanoCell 65-Inch 4K Smart TV

What you need to know: A large display that’s perfect for movies and video games, it uses NanoCell technology for more vivid colors.

What you’ll love: The 4K Smart TV has Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant built-in and uses LG’s processor to adjust the contrast ratio. The ThinQ technology lets you control your LG smart devices with your voice or the Magic Remote. 

What you should consider: It has a refresh rate of 60 Hz. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top LG UHD TV for the money

LG 43-Inch 4K Smart TV

LG 43-Inch 4K Smart TV

What you need to know: This affordable 4K TV has all the functions and ports you’ll need for a movie night.

What you’ll love: It uses LG’s Alpha 5 AI processor to enhance your picture and sound based on the content. It ensures that everything is as crisp and clear as possible. It has a refresh rate of 60 Hz and Active HDR for scene-by-scene contrast control. 

What you should consider: It only has one HDMI and USB input at the back, while there are two HDMI ports on the side.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

LG 55-Inch OLED 4K Smart TV

LG 55-Inch OLED 4K Smart TV

What you need to know: This OLED TV uses Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos to enhance the visuals and audio quality.

What you’ll love: The Alpha 7 AI processor automatically adjusts the contrast ratio and audio equalizer, so everything is always on the same level. It has a Game Optimizer function that reduces latency and improves the HDR. It has Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant built-in. 

What you should consider: Some users found it frustrating that you must create an LG account to install new apps.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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