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Which extra-deep-pocket queen sheets are best?

If you have or are planning to purchase an extra-deep queen-sized mattress, you need a set of comfortable bedsheets to go with it. After all, standard fit sheets won’t fit these specialty mattresses properly. If you’re looking for luxury, the best extra-deep-pocket queen sheets are the Charlton Home Furguson 525 Thread Count Sheet Set.

What to know before you buy extra-deep-pocket queen sheets

Mattress depth

Extra-deep-pocket queen sheets and standard queen sheets are different in depth. Extra-deep sheets are designed to fit over thicker or deeper mattresses. Most regular sheets fit between 7 and 14 inches. Regular, deep-pocket sheets fit mattresses that are between 15 and 17 inches thick. Meanwhile, extra-deep-pocket sheets are for beds that are 17 to 24 inches.

If you don’t recall the dimensions of your mattress, measure it to find out how thick (the height) it is. While you’re at it, measure the length and width to ensure any new sheets will completely fit. If you use a mattress topper, account for any added thickness that adds to the mattress. When in doubt, add an extra inch or 2 to the measurement to ensure the new sheets will fully, easily cover the bed.


The weave is one of the biggest factors contributing to the overall quality of any textile, including sheets. The most common types of weaves are as follows:

  • Percale: Produced by weaving one yarn over and one yarn under, this weave results in cool, breathable and lightweight sheets. The percale weave is also durable, doesn’t pill easily and lends a matt finish to sheets. It’s best for hot climates and those who run warm at night.
  • Plain: Made in the same way as percale, the plain weave is a traditional method that results in well-constructed, pill-resistant sheets. Sheets using this weave are sometimes thicker and coarser than those made with other types.
  • Sateen: Woven with three yarns over and one yarn under, sateen is durable, shiny and silky-soft to the touch. Sateen is resistant to wrinkles and is good for year-round use.
  • Twill: Created by weaving two yarns over and two yarns under, twill is stain-resistant, wrinkle-resistant and durable. It usually has a diagonal pattern. It’s also ideal for cooler temperatures since it’s thicker.
  • Dobby: Recognizable by its geometric patterns, the dobby often uses several fibers and colors, giving sheets more aesthetic variety. This type of weave gives sheets a more textured appearance.

Thread count

The number of threads used per square inch of fabric refers to thread count. Thread count is present in everything from pillowcases to bed sheets. It fundamentally affects the texture and warmth of the sheets. Most sheets have a thread count between 200 and 800.

Thread count doesn’t always mean higher quality sheets since other factors such as fiber quality and weave play an important role, too. In fact, some manufacturers tout their sheets for having a high thread count, even though the quality is poor.

However, the thread count is still worth checking into when purchasing new sheets. Usually, those with a higher thread count will be smoother, longer-lasting and potentially softer than those with a lower thread count. When choosing bed sheets, look for ones with a thread count of at least 300. For the most luxurious feel, look for those with a thread count over 500.

What to look for in quality extra-deep-pocket queen sheets

Fiber content

There are many options for the fiber content of extra-deep-pocket queen sheets. These include:

  • Polyester: This synthetic material is durable, affordable, wrinkle-resistant and easy to maintain. When blended with other materials, such as cotton, it’s also soft.
  • Cotton: There are several types of cotton, including Egyptian cotton and Turkish cotton. This fiber is breathable, warm and soft, but it’s less durable than polyester unless used in a blend.
  • Poly-cotton blend: Combining polyester and cotton, these sheets give you the best of both worlds. They’re more durable than cotton alone but more comfortable and softer than polyester.
  • Bamboo: Organic and hypoallergenic, bamboo is warm and comfortable.
  • Silk: Although it is delicate and prone to tearing, silk is soft, luxurious and cool to the touch, making it ideal for warmer environments.
  • Microfiber: Constructed from polyester and polyamide, microfiber is a great, year-round option. It’s soft, durable and feels similar to silk, but at a more affordable price.
  • Satin: Like silk, satin can be very smooth and luxurious, depending on the weave and fiber quality.
  • Linen: Ideal for keeping you cool, linen is lightweight, breathable and hypoallergenic.


The weave and fibers have a major influence on the look and feel of any sheets, including flat and fitted ones. When it comes to design, you can find sheets in various colors and patterns. White and dark colors usually give the sheets a more luxurious appearance, especially silk, satin or microfiber sheets. Lighter colors or pastels often look more inviting and casual.

Many sheets come in solid colors, but there are also patterned sheets. Common options are stripes, checkers and geometric shapes. Consider matching the design of your sheets to the rest of the bedspread for a cohesive style.


As with most bed sheets, extra-deep-pocket queen sheets often come in a set. Basic sets typically include a fitted sheet, a top or flat sheet and two matching pillowcases. Larger sets sometimes come with a comforter, two pillow shams and bed skirts.

Sets are a great option if you want to coordinate everything easily without purchasing each item individually. Each item in a set will usually have a similar fiber quality, fabric and weave type. If you’re looking for luxury sheets, you might need to get them separately.

How much you can expect to spend on extra-deep-pocket queen sheets

The average cost for a set is $20-$50. Sheets from luxury brands or those with a higher thread count can cost anywhere from $50-$300.

Extra-deep-pocket queen sheets FAQ

How do I make a bed with extra-deep-pocket sheets and a mattress topper?

A. Regardless of the size of the sheets, make the bed as usual. Put the mattress topper directly on the mattress. Then, put the fitted sheet over them both. This will ensure the topper stays in place, as well as prevent it from bunching up beneath you while you sleep.

What are the deepest pocket sheets you can buy?

A. Most sheets are only designed to fit mattresses up to 25 inches deep. If you have a custom bed, you might need to find tailored sheets to go with it.

What are the best extra-deep-pocket queen sheets to buy?

Top extra-deep-pocket queen sheets

Charlton Home Furguson 525 Thread Count Sheet Set

Charlton Home Furguson 525 Thread Count Sheet Set

What you need to know: These 100% cotton bed sheets have a percale weave and are lightweight, breathable and extra smooth.

What you’ll love: They have a 525 thread count constructed with high-quality fibers. The set includes a flat sheet, a top sheet and two pillowcases. The sheets fit mattresses up to 22 inches deep.

What you should consider: The sheets wrinkle easily.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Top extra-deep-pocket queen sheets for money

CGK Unlimited Extra-Deep Pocket Sheet Set

CGK Unlimited Extra-Deep-Pocket Sheet Set

What you need to know: These microfiber bed sheets are lightweight and breathable but still warm enough for year-round use.

What you’ll love: They come in 19 different colors and have a lovely embroidered design. The set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and four identical pillowcases. The sheets fit 18 to 24-inch mattresses.

What you should consider: The color is not fade-resistant.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Sweet Home Collection 1500 Supreme Collection Extra-Deep Pocket Sheet Set

Sweet Home Collection 1500 Supreme Collection Extra-Deep-Pocket Sheet Set

What you need to know: With a 1500 thread count, these extra-deep-pocket sheets are elegant, soft and luxurious.

What you’ll love: The sheets fit mattresses that are 21 inches deep. They’re also resistant to wrinkles, meaning there’s no need to iron them. Plus, they’re soft, thick, warm and keep their shape well. The set comes with a top sheet, flat sheet and two pillowcases.

What you should consider: The pillowcases have double stitching, but the sheets do not.

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl’s


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