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Which facial wax strips are best?

Waxing one’s face can be a painful and messy experience. Some strips cling too tightly or aren’t the right shape. On top of that, the wax can make a mess and get everywhere it shouldn’t. That said, not all facial wax strips have to be as uncomfortable or disorderly.

For example, the Parissa Face and Lip Wax Strips place the wax right on the strips, and they require no heating so you can peel, stick and rip. There’s also a bottle of soothing oil for aftercare.

What to know before you buy facial wax strips

Facial wax strips types

There are three types of facial wax strips:

  • All-in-one strips are the most common and easiest to use. They rarely require more heat than the warmth from your hand to activate them and you can travel with them without fear of making a mess. However, the wax dries over time, so the strips may only last a few months.
  • Wax-and-strips kits contain everything you need to wax in separate parts, so you have more control over each stage of the process. They take more effort to use, but they can be messy for the inexperienced, and you can run out of wax before you use all your strips.
  • Hard wax kits don’t use strips at all. You just heat the wax to your desired temperature, use disposable spatulas that are usually included to spread it on your desired area and peel it off once it dries. However, they can be just as messy as wax-and-strips kits, and you typically need to buy more spatulas to use up all the wax.

Strip types

Strips come in two forms, whether they have wax pre-applied or not:

  • Cut-to-size strips are rectangular and meant to be cut to fit your desired area. They’re great for making sure the strip fits perfectly, but there’s more waste.
  • Pre-cut strips are easier to use since they’re already sized to certain areas, but as their area usage is restricted, you may run out of one type of pre-cut strip before the others.

What to look for in quality facial wax strips


The wax found in facial wax strips can come from many places, such as beeswax or glycerin. They can also include soothing ingredients such as shea butter or honey. Always double-check the ingredients to make sure there’s nothing you might be allergic to.


Some facial wax kits include guides to help you carefully and precisely apply your wax. These are great for beginners but restricting for those with more experience. 

How much you can expect to spend on facial wax strips

Facial wax strips can cost as little as $5 or as much as $40. If you’re waxing for the first time, try a $10-or-less strip first. After that, you can spend up to $25 on a better kit. If you want the best, expect to spend between $30-$40.

Facial wax strips FAQ

What steps can I take to make facial waxing at home as smooth and successful as possible?

A. The most important component is preparation before waxing and treatment afterward. Make sure to exfoliate the areas you’ll be waxing the day before and wash your face with a gentle soap or facial cleaner right before you wax. You can also apply a pre-wax treatment to soothe the skin. After you’re done waxing, wash your face again with the same gentle facial cleaner and apply a soothing oil to the waxed skin.

Can I use facial wax on other parts of my body?

A. Technically, you can, but you shouldn’t. Facial wax is specially formulated to be used on the delicate skin around your face, so it may not be strong enough to properly wax other areas of the body. Conversely, body wax shouldn’t be used on the face as it’s too tough for facial hair and can cause nasty damage.

What are the best facial wax strips to buy?

Top facial wax strips

Best Parissa Face And Lip Wax Strips

Parissa Face and Lip Wax Strips

What you need to know: These strips are smooth and easy to use.

What you’ll love: The 20 pre-waxed strips don’t require any heating to get ready, plus once you’ve waxed, there’s a bottle of soothing oil to help you heal faster. They’re made of natural ingredients and are cruelty-free. They’re perfect for traveling.

What you should consider: They don’t work as well on thick, coarse hair. Those with more sensitive skin reported having rashes for a day or two after use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Ulta Beauty

Top facial wax strips for the money

Best Nad’s Facial Wax Strips

Nad’s Facial Wax Strips

What you need to know: These budget strips are great for trying at-home facial waxing for the first time.

What you’ll love: It comes with 20 pre-waxed strips that only require the heat from your palm to activate. There are also four calming oil wipes for aftercare and cleaning. The results last as long as four weeks, plus the wax is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.

What you should consider: Some customers had issues with rashes and welted skin after use. The amount of wax is small and narrow, so you made need several strips to clear an area.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Ulta Beauty

Worth checking out

Best KoluaWax Hard Wax Beads For Hair Removal

KoluaWax Hard Wax Beads for Hair Removal

What you need to know: These melting beads are perfect for at-home waxing pros.

What you’ll love: This 1-pound bag contains enough wax to perform 100-plus brow waxings, plus there are 20 disposable wooden spreading spatulas. There’s no need for strips; once the wax dries, pull it off directly. It contains shea butter to help soothe irritation, and it has a coconut colada scent. 

What you should consider: You will need to buy more spatulas before you use all of the wax. Some purchasers didn’t like the scent at best or had reactions at worst.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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