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What’s the best Nike windbreaker?

A Nike windbreaker might look like an ordinary windbreaker, but the brand’s line steps far beyond the basics by combining protection and breathability with technologically advanced construction and materials. 

The best ones, such as the Nike Men’s Windrunner Jacket, are lightweight, come with a hood and drawcords to keep the wind out and help you stay warm with vents at the back to prevent it from trapping moisture.

What to know before you buy a Nike windbreaker

About Nike windbreakers

A windbreaker is a thin woven jacket with little to no stretch that prevents your body’s heat from escaping as it protects you from the wind. Windbreakers are key active gear because they provide significant protection without adding bulk or weight. 

While they are not traditionally waterproof, Nike typically adds water resistance and heat protection fabrics to its activewear apparel. 

Therefore, many of the brand’s windbreakers are labeled Windrunner, Therma-Fit, Storm-Fit or All Conditions Gear. However, the look and primary windbreaking benefits remain the same.

The perfect windbreaker fit

It might be difficult for some to find a Nike windbreaker that fits them perfectly in every area. However, it is easier to pay a tailor a small fee to take in certain parts of your jacket, such as the sleeves and overall length, than it is to let them out. So, opt for the larger option if you are in between sizes. 

There are four areas to consider as you evaluate your jacket’s fit: 

  • Body: You should be able to easily wrap your arms around your shoulders without putting too much stress on the jacket’s hems. 
  • Shoulders: The shoulder seams should land at the tips of your shoulders. 
  • Length: Raise your hands above your head. If your skin is exposed, it is too short to keep the cold air out.  
  • Sleeves: The cuffs should land at the base of your hands. If your wrists are exposed, then you should size up.

Sustainable materials

Many of Nike’s windbreakers are made with sustainably sourced polyester. Apparel items with a “sustainable materials” label is made with at least 55% recycled content.

To create the polyester used to make its windbreakers, the brand takes cleaned plastic bottles that have been shredded, converted into pellets and spun into high-quality yarn. As a result, Nike reduces waste and lowers carbon emissions by up to 30% compared to working with virgin polyester.

What to look for in a quality Nike windbreaker


While the primary task of a Nike windbreaker is to keep the wind out, it also needs to be breathable so you do not overheat while working out. 

Nike increases airflow in its jackets by strategically placing vents in the back, sides and hood. These vents have a lip to prevent wind from directly hitting your skin while increasing your range of movement and circulating air.


A hood is essential on a windbreaker because it helps protect you from bad weather. The best hoods enable you to create a tight seal around your face to prevent a strong gust from entering your jacket. They should also land high on your neck to maximize your wind defense.


Drawcords prevent strong wind blasts from getting into your windbreaker. You can typically find them on the hood and waist unless the waist is secured with a snug elastic band.


Bad weather conditions can wreak havoc on your essentials, which is why pockets are critical for a Nike windbreaker. The best ones are placed at the hips, interior or chest and close with a zipper to ensure they are secure. 

Note that unless your windbreaker is waterproof, you should seal your items in something that will protect them if you plan to go out in the rain. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Nike windbreaker

Depending on the jacket’s materials and features, you can find them for $50-$150 with an average price of $100.

Nike windbreaker FAQ

Can you use fabric softeners on technical apparel? 

A. No, fabric softeners coat fabrics with a thin layer of chemicals that can prevent water-resistant and moisture-wicking materials from working.

Can you wear a windbreaker in the winter? 

A. Yes, it depends on how cold it is, but you can always layer a fleece sweatshirt under your windbreaker for added insulation.

What’s the best Nike windbreaker to buy?

Top Nike windbreaker

Best Nike Mens Windrunner Jacket

Nike Men’s Windrunner Jacket

What you need to know: It has an internal mesh lining and vent at the back for added breathability.

What you’ll love: This lightweight windbreaker has a hood with a drawstring and a high neck to keep the wind out. It also has ribbed elastics at the waist and wrists with zippered pockets at the hips.

What you should consider: Some said this jacket runs a bit big for their taste.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top Nike windbreaker for the money

Best Nike Windrunner Mens Trail Running Jacket

Nike Windrunner Men’s Trail Running Jacket

What you need to know: This lightweight windbreaker keeps the cold air out with added details, such as an internal drawstring in its hood.

What you’ll love: This jacket is wind- and water-resistant. It has a vent in the hood with attached mittens that can be stored in the sleeve compartment and secured with a zipper. It also has hip pockets with zipper closures and drop-in pockets at the chest.

What you should consider: Some customers said this jacket runs a bit small and suggested sizing up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Backcountry and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Worth checking out

Best Nike Womens Shield Trail Running Jacket

Nike Women’s Shield Trail Running Jacket

What you need to know: This simple but effective jacket keeps the wind out as it prevents your body’s heat from escaping.

What you’ll love: This hip-length jacket has a lightweight and relaxed fit. It zips up to the chin and fits snugly on the wrists, and its hood has an internal drawstring. It also has zippered pockets at the hips.

What you should consider: Some customers complained that this jacket fit a bit tight in the chest region.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods and Amazon

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