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Best deals for Halloween supplies

According to News Nation, last year, over 70 percent of adults celebrated Halloween. The largest demographic (and the biggest spenders) were ages 18 to 35. The total planned spending for last year was 10.1 billion dollars.

If you celebrate Halloween, you’re going to want to get the best deal possible on decorations. Luckily, Amazon is having a second savings event called Prime Early Access Sale, this year, and it will take place before Halloween. You can get the decorations you want and save money doing so.

Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale will highlight live deals every day leading up to the main event. These deals were updated on: October 8, 11 AM ET.

Why is Halloween popular?

One reason Halloween is so popular is it offers something for everyone. If you’d like to be someone else for a day, you can dress up in your favorite costume. People who just want to show their appreciation for Oct. 31 can put up holiday-themed lights and decorations. If you prefer the scary side of Halloween, there are plenty of fun scary things you can do like go to a haunted attraction or build one yourself, complete with a creepy Halloween coffin.

We’ve broken down this year’s Halloween essentials into three sections: best costumes, best decorations and best spooky items.

Best costumes to buy this Halloween

Best Womens Top Gun Flight Costume

Women’s Top Gun Flight Costume

Who says only Tom Cruise can be a top gun? This top-quality costume has a zipper front for convenience and comes with both Maverick and Goose name tags, so you can pick your favorite.

Sold by Amazon

Best Deluxe Aloha Elvis Costume

Deluxe Aloha Elvis Costume

This deluxe costume will make you feel like The King. It is the classic white jumpsuit with a glitter eagle design, a red scarf and a rhinestone-accented belt.

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Best Inflatable Alien Costume

Inflatable Alien Costume

They are coming to take you away! Aliens have invaded, and you’ve been targeted as a suitable test subject. This fun costume inflates in seconds and will remain comfortable all night long.

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Other costume deals

  • This holiday, why not dress up as Flo, everyone’s favorite Progressive agent?
  • Star Wars fans will love this Mandalorian Halloween costume.
  • This adorable witch costume is perfect for kids ages 5 to 7.
  • Every kid dreams of being a superhero. This Spider-Man costume lets them live out that fantasy — all year long, if desired.
  • The highly anticipated “Wednesday” comes to Netflix this fall. Show your love for all things Addams Family with this Morticia costume.
  • Slip on this bomber jacket and you can be a Top Gun too!
  • This inflatable costume puts you on top of a magical unicorn.
  • Hey, look! It’s you, Mario.
  • Quick and easy. This T-shirt, cape and headband can transform you into Wonder Woman.
  • It takes more than a wig to make you Eddie Munson. But it’s a great start!
  • You can transform into Hermione the minute you don this dress and cloak featuring the Hogwarts Crest.
  • Did a bell just ring? Because it looks like you just got your angel wings.
  • Are you team Danny or Johnny? This “Cobra Kai” costume will let the world know who you side with.
  • With this glowing-eyed reaper costume, you can ask for more candy because people will be afraid to say no!

Best decorations to buy this Halloween

Best Pumpkin Family Inflatable Decorations

Pumpkin Family Inflatable Decorations

This set of six silly inflatable pumpkins is eight feet long. Each has a unique personality to make them a fun eye-catching group. The built-in fan inflates the display in seconds and the LED lights illuminate the pumpkins so they are easy to see at night.

Sold by Amazon

Best Skeleton Restroom Door Cover

Skeleton Restroom Door Cover

One of the problems with hosting a Halloween party is the guests never know where the bathroom is. This giant skeleton-on-the-potty door cover will let them know exactly which room to use. It will also get a big laugh from both kids and adults.

Sold by Amazon

Best Flameless Flickering Candles

Flameless Flickering Candles

If you are looking for safe candles that you can use without concern, these flickering LED models are perfect for you. Each candle features a fun Halloween design and a timer switch that shuts the candles off after 6 hours, so you don’t have to worry about wasting batteries.

Sold by Amazon

Best Halloween Tree

Halloween Tree

Halloween trees are a growing trend. Instead of being decorated with red and green lights, this model features orange lights and pumpkins. It’s a tiny, tabletop Bonsai-sized tree that runs on batteries, so you can put it nearly anywhere.

Sold by Amazon

Other decoration deals

  • This string of multicolored skeleton lights adds a festive holiday touch to your home or apartment.
  • When you put up this Halloween decoration, it will look like a witch just crashed into your tree.
  • You can never have enough flickering candles on Halloween. Especially ones with Jack O’Lantern smiles.
  • This trio of cauldrons is a great way to display Halloween candy at your next party. Or it can serve as a handy candy dish for family members throughout the season.
  • You can create an exciting Halloween mood with these three strings of outdoor purple lights.
  • A 9-foot pumpkin arch will quickly turn your home into a Halloween wonderland.
  • If you’re having a party, you need an appropriately themed centerpiece. This set of three will do the trick.
  • Instead of pumpkins, this fun Halloween tree features an assortment of eyeballs.
  • Simply slip your square throw pillows into these festive covers to make your living room ready for the holiday.
  • A tower of inflatable pumpkins is all it takes to make your kids happy and your neighbors smile this Halloween.
  • This string of 40 LED pumpkin lights can make your holiday brighter.
  • Purple is the new black as far as Halloween is concerned. These festive orange and purple lights will set the perfect mood.
  • An entire pumpkin patch in one inflatable. That’s what you get with this festive decoration.

Best spooky items to buy this Halloween

Best 3D Changing-Face Portraits

3D Changing-Face Portraits

Talk about creepy. These old-timey portraits can be sweet or terrifying depending on the viewing angle. The set comes with three face-changing portraits, so you can hang them up in one location or spread them throughout your home.

Sold by Amazon

Best Hanging Halloween Skeleton Ghosts

Hanging Halloween Skeleton Ghosts

These highly detailed skeleton ghosts can be strategically hung around your home to give family members and guests a scare whenever they turn a corner. You can stage the hands for maximum impact. The large reaper is 53 inches tall, while the two smaller creatures are about 31 inches tall.

Sold by Amazon

Best Haunted Doll with Sound

Haunted Doll with Sound

The only thing creepier than a cracked and yellowed, eyeless baby doll is a cracked and yellowed, eyeless baby doll that sings haunting lullabies. Be warned, this unsettling Halloween decoration might be too scary for some.

Sold by Amazon

Other spooky item deals

  • This inflatable ghost has a unique design twist: it looks like it’s escaping from your window!
  • If “Psycho” messed you up, do not buy this bloodied shower curtain.
  • This 6-foot animated pumpkin monster on your lawn will frighten away all unwanted visitors.
  • These clawing hand silhouettes will make the neighbors think someone is buried in your yard.
  • If you are afraid of spiders, this giant arachnid on a web might be too much Halloween for you.
  • The spooky artwork on this Halloween doormat makes it look like an evil clown is waiting to drag you into a pit below your feet.
  • As trick-or-treaters approach your house, this ground zombie will flash and roar to give the little tykes a good startle.
  • The creepiest (and most controversial) face on the internet is now available as a terrifying mask. You have been warned.
  • This screaming ghost bride will send even the bravest souls running from your home in fear.
  • These disturbing thin plastic Halloween decorations are so gory that they should be reserved for adults only.
  • Need someone to watch over your house this Halloween? How about a nearly 6-foot tall talking witch?
  • This blue LED ghost is equal parts festive and creepy.
  • Just what you want for Halloween: a life-size animated evil clown that talks!

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