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Which funny Halloween costume for adults is best?

There are many ways to approach a funny Halloween costume. You can play it subtle and go for quiet chuckles or shock everyone with a zany outfit that grabs your attention. Depending on the event, it may be appropriate to wear a raunchy outfit or better to wear something both funny and family-friendly.

If you want a modern classic that is a balance of funny and cool, the top choice is the Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume.

What to know before you buy a funny Halloween costume for adults

Do you need a couple’s costume?

There are plenty of funny Halloween costumes for couples, so you can wear matching outfits with your significant other. Classic food combinations like “ketchup and mustard” or witty graphic tees are easy options.

Do you want to be the center of attention?

If you need a stand-alone funny costume that gets everyone smiling, there are a few ways to approach it. One method is pure shock value, but this is only a good choice if you don’t mind laughing at yourself. Dressing as a baby in a bonnet definitely lightens the mood at the cost of making yourself the butt of the joke. Another method for funny costume design is wearing a costume that looks relatively normal with a twist. You could also try wearing clothes meant to resemble a specific person. When people ask about your costume, you can reply with an amusing impression or joke.

Do people need to recognize you?

Wearing a funny mask or outfit is a great idea, but your options could be limited depending on the circumstances. If you are supervising trick-or-treaters, participating in a public Halloween-themed event or hosting a party, it’s important that your disguise is not too convincing. It could be hard for your friends to pick you out of a crowd if you completely blend in, even if your costume is attention-grabbing. If you are running an event, make sure you introduce yourself as people arrive so that they remember which costume to look for if they need to find you.

What to look for in a quality funny Halloween costume for adults


Costumes with too many details can distract from the punchline of your outfit. One exception might be dressing as a recognizable person or character who wears very specific clothes. Generally, a simple costume with a funny visual will be more budget-friendly. Funny costumes have to get right to the point if you want to make an immediate and comedic impact.


A costume that is physically larger than your body and takes up more space is an easy way to get the crowd’s attention and make an impact. Keep in mind that you’ll likely be wearing this costume for a long period of time. It’s also important to consider where the costume will be worn. If it needs to be worn indoors, save yourself the headache and check if it can easily fit through the doors of the venue before purchasing.


If you want a funny costume that will stand out from the crowd, look for quality costumes and components that can be easily modified or changed to reflect your unique personality. A generic costume is fine, but keep an eye out for funny costumes with lots of potential options. You might be able to repurpose old costumes and accessories over the years and change up your outfit to keep the jokes fresh.

How much you can expect to spend on a funny Halloween costume for adults

Simple costumes can be found or put together for less than $30. Higher-quality costumes, especially funny inflatable suits, go for $30-$100 depending on the size and materials.

Funny Halloween costume for adults FAQ

When should you not wear a funny costume?

A. It is important to consider the place you plan to wear your costume. Check to see if there’s a dress code at the parties you’ll be attending. Halloween is a great time to be creative and wear what you want, especially a funny outfit, but all jokes have a time and place. It is best to not show up to a stylish masquerade party wearing an embarrassing costume.

Should you get into character?

A. Yes. If you enjoy doing funny impressions, wearing a costume inspired by a celebrity or your favorite public figure could be an opportunity to get everyone laughing. You can wear a simple costume using normal clothing or items from a thrift store and combine the unassuming outfit with a comedic attitude for a winning combination that can spread Halloween cheer. 

What’s the best funny Halloween costume for adults to buy?

Top funny Halloween costume for adults

Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

What you need to know: This classic T-Rex costume always gets a smile. 

What you’ll love: The fabric material of this costume is durable, and the suit closes using a zipper and self-inflates with the built-in fan powered by four AA batteries. The suit has a front-facing window, allowing you to see out of it. It also comes in a smaller size. You can put silly clothes or accessories on the inflatable costume to make it more unique.

What you should consider: It is best to avoid using rechargeable batteries with this model.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top funny adult Halloween costume for the money

Inflatable Alien Costume

Inflatable Alien Costume

What you need to know: An affordable alien-themed costume, it’s great for sci-fi fans who like making people laugh.

What you’ll love: You can wear regular comfortable clothes under the inflatable suit and clip the built-in fan to your belt. It requires four AA batteries to inflate, but connects using a USB cable so it’s possible to connect portable power banks and extend the amount of time you can keep the suit inflated.

What you should consider: The fan needs to be securely tightened and held in place to prevent it from falling off when you move around.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Giant Inflatable Wacky Wavy Arm Guy

Giant Inflatable Wacky Wavy Arm Guy

What you need to know: This costume lets you become the wacky, dancing center of attention.

What you’ll love: This costume is brightly colored and inflates to fit your body, making it hard to miss. It features a built-in fan that runs on four AA batteries, lasting for about four hours of continuous use. It completely self-inflates and the seals use elastic to keep the costume inflated and prevent air leaks. 

What you should consider: The costume can get pretty hot and some customers needed help to get the suit on.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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